Work on the Karađorđe stadium will begin on October 1, 2023, and on this occasion, the vice-president of the Serbian Football Federation Branislav Nedimović and the responsible person of UEFA for issuing licenses, Pietro Kabrera, visited today.

As is well known, the Karađorđe stadium meets the UEFA 2 standard, so the reconstruction is planned to begin in the fall, and as things stand, everything is going in the right direction for Vojvodina and the City of Novi Sad to get a more modern stadium in the spring, following the example of numerous European clubs.

The ultimate goal of the implementation of this project is for Karađorđe to obtain first the UEFA 3 standard and then the UEFA 4 standard, which would obtain a license for the organization of the qualification and group stages of the competition under the auspices of the European House of Football.

Today’s visit and meeting between the Serbian Football Federation, representatives of UEFA and the design company that is carrying out the works took place in a positive atmosphere, and Pietro Cabrera pointed out potential solutions and helped with his expert advice in the best possible realization of this large and important project.

The vice-president of the Serbian Football Federation, Branislav Nedimović, expressed his satisfaction with the ideas and plan of FK Vojvodina in this project, which was given the “green light” today by the most responsible person of UEFA.

– First of all, I am grateful to the football club Vojvodina for being our host today and I am happy that Vojvodina has understood the path we should all take together. That is to first make preparations and bring adequate people first for consultations, and not to do everything and then bring an inspection, which, unfortunately, was the way in most cases in Serbian football before. There with us today is a man from UEFA, an experienced expert, who has the greatest responsibility for issuing licenses for playing international matches. I am also grateful to Mr. Pietro Kabrera and Mr. Zoran Laković who made this possible for us. In this way, we can cross-reference the views of architects, club representatives, people from UEFA and come to the best solution together, and then the contractors can begin implementation. FSS will help Vojvodina by donating a hybrid field and that the implementation of the project, which starts on October 1, will welcome a new Karađorđe in the spring, as both Vojvodina and Serbian football deserve – said Branislav Nedimović.