In the press room of Karađorđe stadium, a regular press conference was held today ahead of the match against TSC. However, this time, in addition to the Manager Nenad Lalatović, the president of FK Vojvodina Vojislav Gajić also addressed the public, and gave it some important information regarding the work and functioning of the club.

Still, above everything else, he took the opportunity to congratulate publicly the sports sector of FK Vojvodina on the results achieved in the first four rounds of the current season.

– Mr. Nenad Lalatović is a great expert when it comes to the coaching profession and may even be the best in Serbia. He has great energy and is able to create a special relationship with the players, and since his arrival in Vojvodina many things have changed. Of course, it would be incorrect not to mention our sports director Nikola Lazetić, who is dedicated to the club 24 hours a day, moved to Novi Sad and deals with all sports issues, both regarding the first team and the Youth Academy, which is ahead of serious reorganization in terms of operation – says Gajić.

Likewise, the president of FK Vojvodina seized the opportunity to thank the city institutions for their very correct assistance.

– Since there is already a significant period of cooperation behind us, I must thank both the City of Novi Sad for everything we have achieved regarding FK Vojvodina, and especially to our Mayor Miloš Vučević. I would also like to mention our general sponsor Srbijagas and Mr. Bajatović, for whom, although in the previous period it was said that he isn’t sufficiently dedicated to Vojvodina, I can now say that we have a cooperation that is without a single remark. It is known who is doing what, what is whose job and that is why we have started this well and successfully – Gajić points out.

What can especially cheer the fans is that Vojvodina continues to strengthen its squad.

– We signed a contract with Nešković for three years, which is very important, just as we did with Zukić and Topić earlier. On Monday, Dražić, one of our most talented goalkeepers, who was recently named the best goalkeeper at the Friendship Cup in Zlatibor, will also sign the contract. Also, in the next two to seven days, we will sign contracts with 18 players from our Youth Academy, with the club having full agreement that those who participate in the development of these young players should also be rewarded – Gajić notes.

FK Vojvodina’s president thanked the fans for their exceptional support during the season so far.

– I appeal to all our fans who come to the game against TSC to save their ticket, as they will soon be informed what benefits they can get with that ticket, and of course, I invite them to come to the stadium on Sunday – notes Gajić.

He pointed out that the club is also working to expand the number of its sponsors.

– We have restarted the existence of the sponsoring team of FK Vojvodina. Our general sponsor is Srbijagas, and they will be joined by three other recognized companies from Novi Sad, with whom we have reached an agreement. Those are the meat industry Matijević, the trade chain Univerexport and the company that was with FK Vojvodina also in my last term, and that is Energotehnika Južna Bačka, headed by Mr. Zbiljić. Each of these companies will cover the needs of FK Vojvodina in their business sector, and I thank them for that, especially because they all came forward and expressed their desire to help. This is important not only because of the financial aspect, but also because of the commonality we demonstrate, and I invite other companies to join us, regardless of their size – says Gajić.

The president of FK Vojvodina has announced that the club will soon bring another big signing in this transfer window.

– In consultation with the Manager, we agreed that we should strengthen up the attack of our team, given the incident that happened to us with Nemanja Čović. He is recovering well, but nevertheless, we are near to seal the deal with Partizan’s forward Nemanja Nikolić and I believe it will be done today or tomorrow. There may be some other signings too, although I think we have a very good team already – Gajić points out.

Along with strengthening the team, the club is currently working on infrastructure.

– In the FC Vujadin Boškov, the complete automation of the irrigation systems will be completed soon, which has already been paid for and we expect from Italy all the necessary machines and equipment to arrive. We also invested some money for the renovation of Karađorđe, because as long as we play at it, it should be the way it suits Vojvodina. Also, I would mention that we have even branded a new bus, which will serve us for some new generations – notes Gajić.

He confirmed that this is definitely the last season in which Vojvodina will play at Karadjordje before new stadium is built.

– That is quite certain now and that is why we will do our best to play some friendly games at a high level in each representative break, in order to accompany it in the way it should be done. At the same time, this is the year in which FK Vojvodina marks 105 years of its existence, which is also something that should be respected – said Gajić.

The complete course of today’s press conference can be viewed in the following annex: