Vojvodina has beaten Rad by 5-0 (3-0) in the third round of the Super League of Serbia.

In front of about 4,000 spectators at Karađorđe, the scorers for Voša were Matić in 22nd, Đuričin in 23rd, Vincent in 45th and Nešković in 74th and 81st minute.

Teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Rockov – Stojković, Veselinović, Saničanin, Devetak – Drinčic, Đurišic (from 73rd Nešković) – Đuričin (from 63rd Zukić), Bojić, Vincent – Matić (from 73rd Topić).

Rad: Marković – Nikolić (from 46th V. Trifunović), Jovanović, Kasalica, Bašanović – M. Trifunović, Jagodić, Petrović, Stević -Ilić (since 46th Ristić), Smiljanić.

Ahead of the start of the match, Vojvodina FC President Vojislav Gajić handed a framed jersey with number 100 to the red and whites’ goalie Emil Rockov, due to the fact that tonight’s game was his 100th in the jersey of the Old Lady.

When the match started, Vojvodina immediately took the initiative and shifted the focus of the game to half of its rival, but in the first twenty minutes did not manage to create a real chance in front of Rad’s goal.

However, in the 22nd minute, the red and whites came to the advantage. Drinčić took a corner kick and then from the other side Saničanin returned the ball in front of the goal, where Matić ran on it and sent it into the net. Just a minute later, it was already 2-0 for the Old Lady.

This time, Matić ran with the ball into the penalty box and played a pass to Đuričin, who slipped the ball into the net to increase the advantage of his team.

In the 28th minute, Voša had another good opportunity after Đuričin dribbled next to two Rad players and then played a pass to Devetak, who shot from fifteen meters distance, but the ball went past the goal range. On the other side, Rad had a chance five minutes later through Kasalica, who shot from a similar position as Devetak, but straight into Rockov.

A new chance was awaited until the 45th minute, when Voša scored its third goal of the match after a great action. After a double pass with Stojković, Bojic made a great play for Vincent, who get to the ball before goalkeeper Marković, bypassed him and then easily sent the ball into the net.

In the second half, Vojvodina could have easily reached the fourth goal in the 66th minute, when a mistake was made by one of Rad’s players and Bojić played well to Matić, who came out alone in front of the keeper, bypassed him and then shot from five meters distance, but the ball hit the outside of the net.

Just four minutes later, after another good action of red-and-whites, Drinčić passed the ball to Stojković, who shot from around 18 meters, but straight into goalkeeper Marković. However, what did not happen then, happened in the 74th minute.

Bojic sent a great pass to Nešković, who made a precise shot from around 10 meters distance, thus increasing his team’s already convincing advantage.

The new joy of a large number of spectators at the stadium was waited for only seven minutes, as in the 81st minute it was 5-0 for Vojvodina. This time, Zukić played a pass towards Bojić, who in the counter attack ran into the penalty box and then selflessly passed the ball to Nešković, and he easily hit an undefended net of the away team.

In the 90th minute, the red and whites were also able to score the sixth goal of the match after a counterattack in which Topić played a pass to Bojić, but Vojvodina’s midfielder shot across the goal. Vojvodina thus recorded the third win of the season by 5-0.