Handball Club Vojvodina defeated Partizan with 28-20 in the game of the 12th round of the ARKUS league, which theoretically, two rounds before the end of the championship, secured a new championship title. Vojvodina now has an unattainable 7 points advantage, maximum performance on the table, so it will celebrate the eighth consecutive championship title, the ninth in the history of the club.

Our handball players were up to the task again. It just seems incredible that from game to game with so much energy they manage to give their best at every moment.

The magic that has been going on since 2013 has continued. Eighth in a row, the ninth title in the history of the club. New triple crown, and counting the entire year, Vojvodina took two national cups, one from this season, and one as a backward competition from the previous season, with the Super Cup, which represents the most successful year in the history of the club.

The football club of Vojvodina sends sincere congratulations to all handball players, members of the coaching staff and the management of RK Vojvodina, as well as to all fans, on the occasion of defending the title, with the wish that this fantastic championship series lasts for many, many more years.