The semi-final match of the Serbian Cup between Vojvodina and Čukarički was stopped in the 33rd minute with the score 0-2 and it is currently unknown when the match will resume.

The heavy rain that prevented the players from moving on the field started in the opening minutes of the match, and the referee decided to withdraw the players from the field in the 33rd minute.

After consulting with the delegate, and checking the state of the field half an hour after the break, the final decision was made not to continue the game tonight, and the date of the game’s resumption will be announced later.

As for the game itself, until the break, Čukarički took the lead from the first real action in the seventh minute, when Ivanović passed easily on the left side, his shot was saved by Nikola Simić, but Rogan’s wasn’t, since he ran into the rebound from 15 meters and shot under the crossbar.

After the goal of the visiting team, there was a storm that significantly affected the game and the movement of both the players and the ball on the field, but the main referee did not stop the match. In the difficult playing conditions, Čukarički relied on the defense of its goal and counterattacks, while Vojvodina had a hard time finding a way to the danger zone.

In the 24th minute, Čukarički had a 100% chance. Ovusu ran from the half of the field by himself to the goal of Vojvodina, but Lazarević and then Topić caught up with him and prevented a safe goal. After a corner kick in the next minute, Owusu had another opportunity, he took the rebound and then shot from the right diagonally just over the crossbar.

In the 27th minute, Čukarički had a one-on-one from a similar position as three minutes earlier, after a deep ball, and this time Badamosi scored. First, he endured a duel with Vitas, went around Simić and routinely increased the advantage of the visiting team.

And then, only in the 33rd minute, after almost half an hour of unprecedented rainfall, the referee decided to stop the game definitively due to impossible playing conditions. The date of the resumption of the match will be known in the coming days.