The players of Vojvodina FC won against Javor at their Karađorđe stadium, with the result 2:1 in the eighth round of the Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

The scorers for Vojvodina FC were Milosavljević and Kajević from the penalty in the added time.

The teams played in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Carević, Lazarević, Rosić (from 79th Kajević), Crnomarković, Bukinac, Milosavljević, Mateus, Radulović, Zukić (from 46th Campbell), Malbašić (from 79th Vukanović), Ivanović (from 46th  Vukić).

Javor: Manojlović, Ilić, Skoko, Kopitović, Milošević (from 76th Miletić), Tojčić, Petrović (from 76th  Eliomar), Bosić, Gojković, Tanko (from 80th Ratković), Bajere.

Before the match began, the players and the Staff of Vojvodina FC entered the pitch wearing T-shirts with the message for Bolingi – ’’Stay strong Bolingi’’, thereby once again showing support to their teammate, who is still at the Institute for Lung Diseases in Sremska Kamenica.

The start of the match was delayed for 15 minutes due to the weather conditions, and on this difficult terrain, in the introductory minutes the guest team was better. Right at the beginning, Bosić passed by Gojković, whose angle was cut by Carević, who blocked the ball in this 1:1 situation. Then, Bosić shot from the distance, Carević was once again in the right position.

After 20 minutes of the match, Voša threatened for the first time, Ivanović centred the ball from the left flank, Zukić head kicked it from the seven meters, but Manojlović intervened excellently.

After half an hour of play, Javor took the lead, Gojković sent a deep pass, Tanko was faster and more agile than Bukinac, and he shot passed Carević in the first corner for 0:1.

Immediately after the halftime, Ranko Popović decided to make two alterations, Campbell and Vukić replaced Zukić and Ivanović, hence Voša started attacking. A dangerous kick after an hour of play was shot by Radulović, whose kick was blocked by the goalkeeper Manojlović. In the continuation of the action, Bukinac fell in the penalty area, there was a reaction from the VAR room, but it was confirmed that the two players of Voša were in the offside, so checking the strictest punishment was not even considered.

The home tema continued to make pressure, but it was almost impossible to play on this very difficult terrain, which suited Javor after taking the lead. In the finish, Kajević and Vukanović got the chance, and it was precisely Vukanović who had a good chance in the 81st minute, but his shot was blocked by the defence of Javor.

In the very finish of the match, Radulović was closest to the goal, after a cross from the left flank, he shot under the goal stand from 5 meters, but Manojlović intervened once again. In the added time, Voša managed to score a goal, Radulović performed a corner kick, and Milosavljević was the highest in the jump for 1:1!

But that was not the end, because in the seventh minute of added time, Milosavljević was taken down in the penalty area, and the referee pointed to the white dot. Asmir Kajević took the responsibility and scored for 2:1 and the big turnabout for 3 points!

Until the finish, there was no change of the result, and Voša eventually managed to achieve victory, and in the next round on Thursday, they will be playing against Voždovac from 6:30pm.