Last weekend, Vojvodina defeated Inđija in the Super League of Serbia, and the performances were recorded by most of the players of the Old Lady who are currently on loan in other clubs. As a result, last weekend was more than great for them, with the exception of Mihajlo Nešković and Đorđe Pantelić, who played with Inđija against their Vojvodina and are the only ones who were defeated from loaned players from the ranks of the red and whites.

Inđija: Mihajlo Nešković, Đorđe Pantelić

On Sunday, Vojvodina hosted Inđija and celebrated with the result 2-1 with goals by Aranđel Stojković and Veljko Simić. Mihajlo Nešković did not play in this match, because he was not entitled under the loan agreement from the ranks of the Old Lady. Đorđe Pantelić played the first half for the defeated team.

Kabel: Nikola Mirić, Ranko Puškić, Vukašin Bogdanović, Igor Jeličić

Kabel has beaten IMT away with the result 2-0, and Vukašin Bogdanović and Igor Jeličić, members of Vojvodina who are on loan in this club from Novi Sad, played at this match. Bogdanović played until the 62nd minute, while Jeličić spent the entire match on the pitch.

Goalkeepers Ranko Puškić and Nikola Mirić did not play in this match. Goals for Kabel were scored by Aleksandar Mesarović in the 43rd minute and Nenad Kočović in the 77th minute. With this triumph, Kabel kept the second place on the table with 43 points, five more in relation to Kolubara, while the leader Radnički 1923 has eight points more.

Mladost GAT: Stefan Dražić

With the victory over Jedinstvo with the result 4-2, Mladost strengthened their leading position on the table of the Serbian League of Vojvodina. Voša’s goalkeeper Stefan Dražić spent the entire match at the goal of the winning team.

Rad: Lazar Stoisavljević

Rad recorded a very important victory over Radnik in the fight for survival. The team from Banjica celebrated with the result 2-0 with a goal by Gojković in the 32nd minute and an own goal by Bogdanovski in the 67th minute. Voša’s player on loan at Rad, Lazar Stoisavljević, played the entire match. Rad is the first below the line, but with only three points less than Mladost, Novi Pazar and Javor.

Al Diwaniya (Iraq): Bogdan Mladenović

Al Diwaniya recorded a new victory with the result 1-0, and Bogdan Mladenović was also part of the winning team. After the 25th round of the championship, Al Diwaniya is in the 14th place in the most elite rank of Iraqi football with 28 points, nine more than Al Hudod, the first team “below the line” to be relegated to the second division.