Members of FK Vojvodina on loan played for their teams last weekend.

This weekend was also marked by Milan Vidakov, who scored a goal in the victory of Mladost over Inđija with the result 2-1.

Kabel: Dragan Kokanović, Aleksa Radmilović, Mateja Stojanović, Nikola Mirić, Stefan Radić, Nikola Pavlica, Matvey Martinkevich, Nemanja Čeman, Veljko Jelenković, David Pantić

Kabel lost away from Grafičar with the result 5-0 in the 31st round of the First League of Serbia.

The Kabel team included – Veljko Jelenković, Nikola Pavlica (up to 46th minute), Dragan Kokanović, Aleksa Radmilović, Matvey Martinkevich (up to 46th minute), David Pantić (up to 46th minute), Nikola Mirić (up to 8th minute), Stefan Radić (until the 46th minute), Mateja Stojanović (from the 8th minute), while Nemanja Čeman was the only one of the field.

With this defeat, Kabel was left with nine points, in the last place on the table.

Mladost GAT: Milan Vidakov

Mladost defeated the Inđija away with the result 2-1 in the 31st round of the First League of Serbia.

This was a duel of two first-placed teams on the table of the First League, and Mladost skipped Inđija with a victory and is now the leader and one step closer to the placement in the Super League. The man of the decision was Voša’s Milan Vidakov, who scored the second goal in the 59th minute for an unattainable 0-2. Vidakov is the first scorer of the First League with 16 goals.

Mladost now has 60 points, and Inđija 58.

OFK Bačka: Veljko Bogdanović, Vukašin Bogdanović, Marko Luković, Nemanja Toroman

OFK Bačka lost away from Rad with the result 2-0 in the 31st round of the First League of Serbia.

Marko Luković spent 61 minutes on the field, Veljko Bogdanović played the first half, Vukašin Bogdanović entered in the 78th minute, and Nemanja Toroman remained on the bench.

OFK Bačka is now penultimate on the table with 33 points, the same as Timok 1919.

Hajduk 1912: Nemanja Ivanović

Hajduk 1912 lost away to the Borac from Sakul with the result 3-1 in the 22nd round of the Serbian league, group Vojvodina.

Nemanja Ivanović played the whole match for Hajduk again, which is now 14th on the table with 21 points.

Cement: Aleksa Batos

Cement lost at their stadium to Novi Sad with the result 0-3 in the 22nd round of the Vojvodina League, Group South.

Aleksa Batos played the whole match for the defeated team, which is now 13th on the table with 21 points.