Mihailo Ivanović is another student of Voša’s Youth Academy who achieved his dream by making his debut in the first team of the Old Lady.

In the victory of Vojvodina over TSC, Ivanović entered the game in injury time, and that was enough for him to realize his long-term dream and goal, to wear the jersey of the first team of the Old Lady.

However, before Vojvodina, he started his first football steps at FK Krila Krajina from Bačka Palanka, at the age of three and a half, and he arrived in Vojvodina as a 13-year-old.

– I don’t know if there is anything better than when, as a fan of Vojvodina and someone who passed almost all the younger categories, you waited to make your debut for the first team. I am overjoyed and I hope that this is just the beginning, because I want to make a deep mark in my Vojvodina – said Ivanović.

After his debut, he hopes to spend more minutes in the first team next season, but for a start he wants to do preparations with the first team.

– My goal is to prove myself to the coach and to gain the trust of the coaching staff, to be with the first team and to fight for the position. For a start, I would be very satisfied if I go to preparations with the first team and try to prove myself and impose myself on the coaching staff – Ivanović pointed out.

He will remember his debut in the first team by the victory, since Voša managed to defeat TSC for the first time in history.

– Debut couldn’t be better, because we won after a series of defeats. Although the match may not have had any significance in terms of results, it is huge for me and I will always remember this match. My older teammates accepted me nicely, supported me before the game, and congratulated me in the end. I have nothing to be afraid of, I just want to give my maximum and use the opportunity whenever the opportunity arises – says Ivanović.

Before his debut for the first team, Ivanović successfully led the U-19 team of Vojvodina in the Youth League of Serbia, in which he is the second scorer and one of the best players.

– I am glad to be the second top scorer in the league and on a personal level I think I can be satisfied. We have one more round left, I hope that we will finish with a victory and that we will attack the first place next year. This generation of ours 2004/05 is the best in Serbia and we want to prove that on the field – concluded Mihailo Ivanović.