Vojvodina’s offensive player Uroš Kabić expressed his impressions after the first defeat of the season.

Kabić entered the finish of the match with Partizan, he had one good chance, but his header ended next to the goal post. He believes that the match could have been different.

– I don’t think the result was realistic. Unfortunately, we didn’t open the game well, we entered the match a little tighter, Partizan used that in the early minutes and took the lead. We entered the game later, unfortunately, they scored on time. We could have set ourselves up better in some situations, to set up a better block, but we are moving on, we hope that we will improve in the next game – said Kabić.

He admits that it is not easy to play every three days, but that it is the rhythm of European football, and that his team is adjusting and going in the right direction.

– It is very difficult to play every three days. This is a difficult period, the players do not have time to think, but the coaches help us a lot to be ready for everything. We have to adapt to that football and accept that fact, because such a rhythm is normal in Europe. It is up to us to prove ourselves, to work and to progress and to show what kind of team we are – Kabić emphasized.

Voša does not have much time to rest, since Panevezys will arrive in Novi Sad on Thursday.

– The first game was not easy at all. Panevezys has individuals who are great, but I think we as a team are of better quality. In the return match in front of our fans, I believe that we will be even better and that we will qualify for the next round of qualifications – Kabić points out.

The young striker is aware that he will have a more important role and more minutes in the new season, and he is completely ready to respond in the right way.

– My ambitions are always the greatest. I want to score as many goals as possible and to record as many assists as possible and thus help the team to win as many points as possible. I am never satisfied, I always want more goals, more assists, more points, more minutes. I hope that in that way I will first help the team to win, and then to improve myself day by day – concluded Uroš Kabić.

Voša will welcome Panevezys on Thursday at 8 pm in the rematch of the second round of qualifications for the Conference League, which will be the fourth game for the Old Lady in a period of 13 days.