In the first round of the play-off of the Serbian Super League, tomorrow Vojvodina will play against Proleter at Karađorđe. Thanks to the victories in the previous three matches, where especially the last one over Partizan has caused great joy among the fans of the Old Lady, red and whites have managed to qualify to the play-off and now they want to continue in the same rhythm in the final stage of the season, thus further improve their position in the table.

The first opponent of Voša in the play-off will be the city rival Proleter, against which four of the six possible points have already been won this season. The Manager of Vojvodina, Radovan Krivokapić, believes that red-whites will achieve a good result tomorrow and says he expects a good match at Karađorđe.

– There is a derby ahead of us, and such matches always bring uncertainty, regardless of the type of derby being played, regardless of whether it is played in the lowest or highest rank of the competition. Proleter and we are in the play-off, and I would like to congratulate them on the results they have achieved, since there are not lots of those who believed that they will be in the upper part of the table. On the other hand, after all that was happening, nobody believed that we would be here too. Tomorrow I expect a good match at Karađorđe and I would like that, after this small euphoria that has caught us after the match against Partizan, we will all be concentrated on this match, because with all our heart we want to continue the series that we started and we will do everything we can for the victory. As far as the players are concerned, we still have the same problems. Those who were injured still can not play, although they have entered the training process, and I can say with satisfaction that Graovac, who did not play in the last match due to the card suspension, will be in the team tomorrow – says Krivokapić.

In the last three matches, Voša performed in the 4-2-2-2 formation, practically without wings, and it is very possible that in the same system will play against Proleter tomorrow.

– This was something we practiced in training, and in the analysis of the opponent we saw that in this way we can be productive. I think that this functioned well, especially at the match against Dinamo from Vranje, and we also decided for this because of the profile of the players who could take part in that match. However, this does not necessarily mean that we will play so tomorrow, because it all depends on our assessment of what is the best way to get to the success – Krivokapić remarks.

In the clash against Partizan, a chance to play got eight players who passed through the Ilija Pantelić Youth Academy.

– Of course, youngsters will continue to get a chance, because I repeated several times that they are here not just because they are young, but also because they have quality. They showed it, especially Nešković and Zukić. There are still many other guys who will get a chance, but it needs to go slowly, step by step. I am extremely pleased that the match against Partizan ended eight players who went through the Youth Academy in Vojvodina and, in my opinion, this is the way Vojvodina should go. While I am at this place, it will surely be like that – Krivokapić said.

The match between Vojvodina and Proleter will be played tomorrow at 7 PM at Karađorđe, and tickets for this match will be sold at prices of 300 (west), 200 (east) and 100 dinars (north). The tickets for the West will be sold at the stadium’s main box office (between the West and South stand), tickets for the East will be sold at the box office at the eastern stand (next to the Ognjište restaurant), while tickets for the North will be sold at the premises of the fan group The Firm at the north part of the stadium. The box offices will be open on match day at 5 PM.