After a draw of his team against Arsenal, Vojvodina’s Manager Radovan Krivokapic said that red and whites remained without a triumph due to a tactical mistake in the last minutes of the match.

Vojvodina played a draw 2:2 (1:0) against Arsenal from Kiev, in friendly match played in Belek.

– We were in the lead twice and unfortunately, we received the second goal before the end of the match, after a ball that was not dangerous at all, but we have made a tactical mistake that cost us victory. However, errors are an integral part of football, and this is a preparatory period and therefore better to happen now than when the season starts. I think we played a lot better today than yesterday, and players who played yesterday 60 and today 30 minutes, have greatly improved the impression – Krivokapic says.

For Vojvodina, this is the fourth day of preparation in Belek, during which it has played two friendly matches.

– Today we entered the game better than yesterday and for an hour we kept the pace as needed, and I think that during that period the opponent did not even had a shot towards goal. Now we will have two days to work, and then we have a new friendly match and more or less our plan is to train for two days, and then play the match on the third day. Tomorrow we will have a slightly lighter day, while a very difficult daily schedule will follow us the day after. But during the preparation period, the players should be tired and their legs should be heavy. As the season is approaching, we will also get refreshing – said Krivokapic.