After his team’s draw against TSC, Vojvodina’s Manager Nenad Lalatović said that a good game was seen and that the audience had a chance to enjoy it.

Vojvodina played a draw 2-2 (0-0) tonight against TSC, in the fifth round of the Serbian Linglong Superliga.

– Congratulations to both teams on the performance shown and I think the audience at Karađorđe tonight had the opportunity to enjoy it, as many actions and four goals were seen. I think we got into the game really well, that is, in the first 10-15 minutes, when we didn’t use the two chances we had to use. Also, I have to say that we were disturbed by the injury of Bojić, who injured his collarbone and the question is when he will return to the pitch, and he is a very important player for us. However, there is no need to cry – says Lalatović.

TSC presented itself very well to the large number of fans at Karađorđe tonight, showing that it deservedly ranks second at the table.

– In the first half, Silagyi had a phenomenal chance in which, if he played a pass, his team might have scored, and in the last twenty minutes of the first half, the game took place mostly in the middle of the pitch, with many tackling. TSC better opened the second half, although we knew what Lukić can do and that he has a great left foot, but we let him to shoot from 25 meters distance. During the analysis of he opponent, I was saying that we just need to close him and not allow him to position himself on the left foot in the shot zone, especially since we know how physically strong and dominant he is, that you literally cannot move him. So TSC scored two goals from two shots, after which I changed the formation in the last 20 minutes – notes Lalatović.

Although he expected and wished a victory before the match, he believes that there are still reasons for satisfaction.

– Zukić, Nešković, Devetak were on the field, who went through the Vojvodina Youth Academy and showed that they deserve to play for the first team, as well as Veselinović, who showed that he deserves to be the captain. In addition to them, I have to praise Gemović, who went into the match in the second half. In the end of the match, we moved Nešković to the right and played with Matić and Eze in the middle of the pitch, which made the opponent a lot of problems in the air and we managed to score two goals. If the home team returns from 0-2 to 2-2 in the last 20 minutes, with Matić and Eze missing a hundred percent chances, that means we could even win and that we have quality, just like TSC and my colleague who leads it phenomenally. We are stil undefeated and after the fifth round we have 13 out of 15 possible points, so we share the first place in the table. Red Star has one game less than us, but Vojvodina is not in any moment chasing the first position. We chase Europe, which the audience at Karađorđe absolutely deserves – said Lalatović.

In the next round, Vojvodina will play against Proleter at Karađorđe as the away team.