After the draw of his team against Čukarički, the Manager of Vojvodina, Nenad Lalatović, stated that the final outcome of the match was realistic and that a real European match was seen.

Tonight, Vojvodina played a draw 3-3 (2-0) against Čukarički, in the 21st round of the Serbian Super League.

– Congratulations to both teams on the performance shown on a very, very difficult pitch. It was obvious that the players were very difficult to move and that they did not have stability, especially in 16 meters, because everything was frozen. The first half belonged to Čukarički, and the second to us. Some reproach us that we did not have a shot within the goal range against TSC, but I would tell them that we had a chance by Simić, Zukić, Bojić in that match, while TSC had only one shot within the goal range, after our mistake. However, if they like Vojvodina, they should first look at the situation in the club in order to write something like that, because they need to give these players the wind in their backs – says Lalatović.

According to him, the red and whites are to blame for allowing the opponent to take the lead early.

– Tonight we received the first goal after a cardinal mistake of our back line and the goalkeeper who lost his orientation where he was. We gave them a goal, after which Čukarički rises and plays great. It is a great team and an organized club, with a great coach and a large fund of good players. Serbia needs 20 Gale Obradović, because there are few such people in Serbian football. I would like Vojvodina to have at least half of Gale Obradović, because then who knows where Vojvodina would end. I will no longer comment on the controversial situations, which may have been on our side and theirs, because I am not interested in anything. This was a good, European match. If it was a full stadium, I think the audience would enjoy it. I think that the division of points is the most realistic result – Lalatović points out.

In the second half, he got a yellow card for entering the pitch, although he approached only to prevent further conflict that arose at that moment between the players of the two teams.

– I approached to prevent the players from fighting, that is, to separate them, but I got a yellow card for entering the pitch. I only had good intentions – Lalatović notes.

Vojvodina conceded the third goal in the 98th minute, although the game was extended by only seven minutes.

– The referee planned to extend seven minutes and that is his right. However, I would not comment on anything. This was the kind of game you live for and I am convinced that this weekend will be the most interesting in Europe. There are few matches like this, with six goals, “for a heart attack”… You lose 2-0, you turn it to 2-3, you concede a goal in the 98th minute for 3-3… In the end, I think we can both be satisfied – said Lalatović.

In the next round, Vojvodina will meet Voždovac at home, and that match will be played on Wednesday.