Vojvodina footballers have been training together for 10 days in FC Vujadin Boškov and are preparing for the continuation of the season. It is certain that no team in the league will enter the remaining part of the competition in optimal form, but the red and whites are working hard to be as ready as possible to welcome the end of the competition in the Super League and the Serbian Cup.

According to the Manager of Vojvodina, Nenad Lalatović, his players can’t wait to play football again.

– I am satisfied with the way the players have been working in the previous 10 days, as well as with the atmosphere that prevails in the trainings. I am glad when after every training I see on the faces of the players that they are tired, but at the same time satisfied. When the season continues, we will have four difficult matches in the league, plus competition in the Cup, so we must be as ready as possible for what awaits us. When I returned to Vojvodina, the goal set in front of me was for the club to go out to Europe again, and now I can say with 99% certainty that it will happen. Of course, in addition to that, we will do our best to win the trophy in the Cup – says Lalatović.

The coach of the red and whites praised the management of the club for the engagement and care for everyone in the club, especially during the state of emergency.

– I must praise the management of the club, led by president Vojislav Gajić, general manager Dušan Bajatović and Board member Ljubomir Apro for providing us with ideal working conditions in our training center, and I will not be wrong if I say that Vojvodina today may be the most stable club in our country. Today we got the salary and the players are not owed a single dinar. In addition, every pitch in FC Vujadin Boškov has been brought to a perfect condition, literally like at Wembley – says Lalatović.

On the other hand, he regrets that the fans will not be able to be with the team until the end of the season.

– I am very sorry that we will play the remaining matches until the end of the season without the presence of our fans, who have shown themselves as our 12th player numerous times. I especially emphasize this because we have three very important matches ahead of us at Karađorđe, against Čukarički and Partizan in the league and Mladost in the Cup. However, other clubs will face the same problem, so we have to accept that. Honestly, I can’t wait for all this about the corona virus to definitely pass, so that we can feel that pleasure of playing in front of our audience again. Fans, players, coaching staff, management and employees all together make one big Vojvodina family, and every family, when it is united, it is strong and powerful. I know that our fans will be with us with their hearts and minds, and I hope that they will be able to watch our matches on TV Arena or Radio-Television of Vojvodina – Lalatović notes.

Voša fans hope that their club could acquire the title of runner-up this season, which last happened in 2009, when Vojislav Gajić was also the head of the club.

– Last season I was the runner-up with Radnički and it would be great if I do the same this year with Vojvodina. However, we should remember last season and where Vojvodina was last summer. Now we are one step away from securing a place in Europe, we have a realistic chance to go to the Cup semifinals, and if we also manage to be runners-up, then this would really be a dream season, because I believe that no one could imagine something like this this summer. I am glad that the people who brought me back to Vojvodina believed in me, just as I believed that the management, coaching staff, players and fans together can achieve everything that Vojvodina deserves – Lalatović pointed out.

The president of FK Vojvodina, Vojislav Gajić, also praised the performance of the players this season and pointed out that the forced break did not disrupt the ambitions of the club.

– During the state of emergency, we complied with all measures and regulations issued by the government, but at no point did we deviate from the goals we set. The club made an effort to provide the players with optimal conditions for training in these circumstances, and I am glad to see that the good atmosphere did not leave them. Tough matches await us until the end of the season, but we hope that, both in the league and in the Cup against Mladost, we will be able to make our fans happy with the results – Gajić emphasized.