Vojvodina coach Nenad Lalatović believes that his team deserved at least penalties against Partizan in the semifinals of the Serbian Cup.

The Old Lady was left without a final this year, as Partizan celebrated today at Karađorđe with the result 1-0.

– Partizan won the first half, and we won the second half. Partizan has never had so few chances in Novi Sad. We saw Partizan defending, they rolled a little, fell, stole time, while Vojvodina wanted to attack. We had one phenomenal chance, if Čović scored a goal, that is, if Stojkovic did not defend, I am convinced that we would turn it around. I think we deserved at least a draw and that penalties should decide the winner again. Also, I think it should have been a longer injury time, but I do not want to comment on the referees. Congratulations to my players on the fighting performance, they showed what it means fighting for the coat of arms of Vojvodina, Partizan saved itself. Even if we won, it would be deserved – Lalatović pointed out.

He pointed out that his team’s job was difficult due to the early yellow cards.

– It is difficult when you get three yellow cards in 20 minutes, because that is how they cut off our aggression on the opponent’s half. Then we have to take care of every tackling. The referee was also under pressure today, it was not an easy match to do. I am sorry that we received that goal from the free kick, because it was all from Partizan – said Lalatović, who then thanked the fans of Vojvodina for the message of support.

– I want to thank from the bottom of my heart our fans who put up a support banner for me. It means something to me as a coach. When you see that the fans love you, then that is the biggest confirmation that I am doing a good job. They know that I do not spare my health. My heart is full that the fans are so close to me, because I will most likely leave the club. I think that after all, I deserve a contract for two or three years, but if the management has someone who is better than me, I agree. I now have offers from two clubs and now I can sign a contract. It will take many, many more years for someone to break my record for the number of victories. We are third again, we secured Europe 10 rounds before the end of the championship and I am the most successful coach in the history of Vojvodina. I love Novi Sad, which they call Serbian Athens, but for me it is more beautiful than Athens. I will definitely buy a property here and one day return to live in Novi Sad. At the moment, abroad is my only option, I will certainly not work in Serbia, because they will appreciate me more when I prove myself outside my country – Nenad Lalatović concluded.