After the victory of his team over Radnik, the Manager of Vojvodina Nenad Lalatović stated that the red and whites had their day, having scored three goals in the first half from the first three shots towards the goal.

Vojvodina defeated Radnik tonight with a score of 0-4 (0-3), in the fourth round of the Super League of Serbia.

– I congratulate both teams on their excellent performance and I can say freely that we were lucky tonight, because Radnik was weakened by absence of Makarić, Đorđević and some other injured players, and I must admit that it made our job easier. We had our day, because when you score three goals from the first three shots on the away game, you gain confidence and play a lot easier. If we didn’t score goals so quickly, who knows what the course of the game would be, but you have to earn something like that and only teams with quality like us can do it. This is our fourth consecutive win and I am very pleased – says Lalatović.

He once again emphasized the fact that Vojvodina’s starting lineup is not much different from the one in the previous season.

– In the starting lineup, we had eight players from last season, plus Drinčić, Bojić and Đurišić, who with Dinamo from Vranje dropped to the second division. I mention this because I want to emphasize that they had the quality last season and worked well with Krivokapić, but they simply lost many games undeservedly and were unlucky, which is now returning to them. I restored their faith in themselves, and tonight we played the second half routinely. Radnik attacked us, we were waiting for them in counterattacks and I think that the fourth goal came after a really nice play, and that we deservedly won three points – emphasizes Lalatović.

The Manager of Vojvodina praised the home team.

– In the first five or six rounds, Radnik has a difficult schedule, but eventually will start to win points. I have to praise my colleague Božičić, who has worked abroad for 10 years, won trophies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and he just needs to be endured and get a chance, because he is doing phenomenally well. I was most afraid of this game, because I watched Radnik against Spartak, Čukarički and Mladost, and I can say that none of these matches it deserved to lose. I wish Radnik all the best and to reach the playoffs. I would like to wish my players to continue like this and thank our fans for their phenomenal support in Surdulica – said Lalatović.

In the next round, Vojvodina will play against TSC at Karađorđe, and this match is scheduled for Sunday, starting at 8 pm.