In the clash of the seventh round of the Super League of Serbia, tomorrow Vojvodina will play against Red Star Belgrade. It will be a true spectacle at the Karađorđe stadium, as the current leader of the Super League of Serbia and the current Champions League participant will meet, so the fully filled stands and a match in which all football fans will have the opportunity to enjoy are expected.

Such matches are eagerly awaited by the fans, but also by the players themselves, including the Vojvodina’s Manager Nenad Lalatović.

– I can freely say that tomorrow we are waiting for a football spectacle at our Karađorđe, as we are hosting Red Star, which I would like to congratulate on entering the group stage of the Champions League, as well as to Partizan for placement in the Europa League. We don’t need not spend too many words on our opponent, because their strength is reflected in the fact that for the second time in a row they are Champions League participants. However, it does not scare us, it just gives us an even greater obligation to show ourselves in the best possible way. Many times so far I have reiterated that whoever comes to us at Karađorđe, whether it is Red Star, Partizan or some other bigger club, we are not afraid of anybody and we will surely do our best to play our best and try to win, because if you do not think so, then you should not even play sports. I expect that the stadium will be filled to the last place and that the main figures of the match will be the players of Red Star and Vojvodina – says Lalatović.

Regardless of the strength of the rival, he is optimistic about tomorrow’s match.

– What makes me happy is that the atmosphere in our team is great and the players can’t wait for the match to start. I told them that they have nothing to lose in this match because they play against a club that, at the moment, has the largest squad of quality players. Whatever team performs tomorrow, that team will be of good quality, and I’m sure Red Star will have the strongest lineup against us. They rested the team after some European games, but I am sure that they will not rest against us, nor do I want them to do so. I would like them to play in the strongest lineup so my players can see where they are and show them how much they are worth. I am very sorry that I will not be able to count on the top scorer of our team Matić, who got a card against Proleter, and under the question mark is Nikolić, our perhaps biggest reinforcement in this transfer window, who got injured during training. I can count on everyone else and we will do our best to play our best game tomorrow and win – says Lalatović.

Vojvodina’s Manager does not expect Red Star to enter tomorrow’s match relaxed, despite reaching the Champions League group stage three days ago.

– Red Star will be able to relax after our game as it will have a two-week break. I really appreciate Milojević and with two consecutive titles and placement in the Champions League he has shown that he is currently the best coach in Serbia, and it is certain that such an expert will not allow his players to relax, but will do their best to overcome the team that this season still does not know for defeat, since Vojvodina has five wins and only one draw in six matches so far. They will certainly want to win at Karađorđe, but we will also have twice’s bigger desire to beat Red Star – Lalatović notes.

During both of his tenure on the bench of Vojvodina, he has not yet suffered defeat at Karađorđe in domestic competitions.

– Red Star has its quality and should not be threatened, but it will certainly not be easy for them. They have many quality players from abroad as they are now able to sing them, since they will have huge revenues from the Champions League. However, I am not afraid and I would give everything in the world to remain undefeated at Karađorđe as a coach after this too. The only thing I would prefer even more is that my players show themselves in the right light and see that they can play against a team with such quality players, who will participate in the Champions League. Also, we want to see how much we can do with this team next year, because if Red Star and Partizan can compete in European competitions, I don’t see why couldn’t Vojvodina, which is also a great club, with great tradition and lots of fans. I hope and believe that next year Vojvodina can participate in the group stage of the Europa League – emphasizes Lalatović.

He emphasizes that he has an idea how to replace the absences of Bojan Matić and Nemanja Nikolić.

– At this point, we don’t have a classic striker. We will have to move either Eze from the wing or Bojić from the attacking midfielder because we simply have no other alternative – said Lalatović.

All ticket holders for the match Vojvodina – TSC from the fifth round of this season will be able to exchange that ticket free of charge for the ticket for the match between Vojvodina and Red Star. Tickets for the West, East and North stand can be replaced today until 6 pm at the main box office of the stadium (between the west and south stand).

Ticket sales for the match Vojvodina – Red Start will be possible solely on match day at the Karađorđe stadium according to the following schedule:

– tickets for the West: at the main box office of the stadium (between the west and south stand), from 12 pm to 6:45 pm;
– tickets for the East: at the box office at the eastern stand (next to the restaurant “Ognjište”), from 12 pm to 6:45 pm;
– tickets for the South: at the box office at the south stand (next to the basketball courts), from 12 pm to 6:45 pm;
– tickets for the North: at the premises of the fan group The Firm at the north stand, from 4 pm to 6:45 pm.

Also, for this match will be valid the season tickets of FK Vojvodina from last season.

Tickets will be sold at prices of 700 (west) and 500 dinars (east, north and south), and one person, with an ID card, will be able to buy up to four tickets. Vojvodina Football Club emphasizes that as the organizer of the match, under Article 13 paragraph 1 of the Law on the Prevention of Violence at Sports Events, it is obliged to ensure that tickets are sold only to persons who hold an identity document (ID, passport, etc.), and that persons under 16 years of age are allowed to enter the stadium only in a company of their parents or caretakers. One person will not be allowed to buy more than four tickets, regardless of whether he or she will have more than one ID.

Tickets will be sold on a one-ticket-one-seat basis, meaning that children of any age will have to have tickets for the match, so that it cannot happen that on one stand enter more people than the capacity of that stand can accommodate.

Away fans will be located on the south stand, while Vojvodina fans will be accommodated on the north, east and west stand. The central part of the eastern stand will be reserved for members of the “Ilija Pantelić” Youth Academy and their entourage.

In order to make the match run safely and in agreement with the police, Vojvodina Football Club reiterates that, as in previous matches against Red Star, the Western, Eastern and Northern stands are reserved solely for Vojvodina fans and that entry on those stands will not be allowed  to the fans with the FC Red Star signage. Only the southern stand is reserved for Red Star fans.

On match day, from 10 am, Dimitrija Tucovića street will be closed by police and only media representatives and Vojvodina fans with a ticket for the West or a season ticket will be able to enter it.

Entrance number 4 at the West stand is only intended for media representatives and season ticket holders, with season ticket holders being able to use all remaining entries as well. We appeal to all season ticket holders that they will need to have an ID card in order to enter this match. Spectators with a purchased daily ticket for the West will be able to use all entrances except entry number 4, and the stadium gates will be open at 4:30 pm.

The match will be broadcasted live at the first chanel of Arena sport TV.