The coach of Vojvodina, Nenad Lalatović, congratulated Rad on the deserved victory and wished the Builders survival in the league.

Vojvodina lost today with the result 2-0, with the goals of Andrija Kaluđerović, but in addition to that, Lalatović believes that the Old Lady will be third on the table again by the end.

– Congratulations to Rad on the victory. I want Rad to stay in the league, because this club deserves it. We were good in the first half, we played as much as we could in the second. I do not want to comment on whether it was a penalty for us, whether it was for Rad or not, but I want to say that the only salvation for Serbian football is Nemanja Vidić. He is a man who was the captain of Manchester United, the captain of Red Star, the captain of Spartak Moscow and the captain of our national team. If you ask me, in order for there to be peace and discipline in Serbian football, it is necessary to appoint such a man. I don’t know if and how much it suits someone, but we have a man for whom the whole world would admire us, if he became the president of the Federation. I do not see another solution, ie everyone else would be wrong. When we appear with such a man at the helm, our national team would be more powerful, Serbian football would be more powerful. We coaches would not be so nervous, and Serbian football would “live” longer. Precisely because, as a coach, I do not want to interfere in the referees or comment on them, we need someone like Nemanja Vidić. Imagine our national team led by Nemanja Vidić? We have an ideal solution if we want to make progress. And besides Nemanja Vidić, we need another man, and that is Milorad Mažić. I would not like to go any further, I want Rad to survive in the league – said Lalatović.

When asked if he blames the referees for the defeat of his team, Lalatović answered:

– I don’t think the referees are guilty, I just needed to say what Serbian football needs to be in order. We also lost because we played without Bojić, Čović, Vukadinović, Đorđević, Topić and that is really a lot for us – Lalatović emphasized.

In the end, the coach of Vojvodina underlined that he expects his team to be third at the end of the season.

– We have been third for two years in a row, we have won the Serbian Cup, I as a coach have the largest number of victories in the history of Vojvodina. Now we are fourth, but we will finish third. As for forcing young players, I said that nothing can happen overnight and that they have to gradually enter the first team, or play only with them and be eighth, ninth. They need time to gain experience – concluded Nenad Lalatović.