After the striker Bojan Matić moved to Partizan, there was one empty spot left in the Vojvodina attack. In the past few days, members of the club’s management and the Manager Nenad Lalatović had intensive discussions about how it would be best for the club to fill this place in the team, and according to the red and whites’ boss, the decision is such that the chance should be given to the young 17-year-old Vukašin Bogdanović.

– The empty space in our attack occured because Matić expressed a great desire to leave Vojvodina and move to Partizan, and it was very difficult to keep him. President Vojislav Gajić and I spent a lot of time thinking about how to fill that place, and in the end we made the decision to attach Vukašin Bogdanović to the first team from the youngsters, both because of the fact that we would have to pay for an experienced player from the outside, and because we believe in the players from our Youth Academy – says Lalatović.

He points out that Vukašin Bogdanović has an undeniable talent and that he will only make more progress through working with the first team players.

– Bogdanović is only 17 years old and is a member of our young national team selections, and I am known as the coach who gave players a chance to play for the first team in those years. For example, Nešković made his debut for the first team at just 16 years old, and Topić played and exploded at 18 this season, which is why many European clubs are after him. We believe that Bogdanović will also be able to draw attention to himself, and giving an opportunity to players from our Youth Academy is certainly a priority for the club in the future, which should encourage all of them to work even more, since that way they will sooner get a chance in the first – says Lalatović.

According to him, relying on players from the Youth Academy for Vojvodina is not only a desire but also a need.

– In order for the club to live and profit, we have to rely on our children, as was the case with Topić, Zukić, Nešković, etc. All of them are now in the first team, together with Devetak, Đurišić, Bjeković… In Belek, currently we have 10 players who went through our Youth Academy and I don’t think any other club in the league can boast of anything like that. This is an indicator of how much Vojvodina is taking care of its children, and together with the players who came from the side, I think we are one good team that will be able to win placement in Europe and at the same time affirm a lot of young players – said Lalatović.