The assistant coach of Vojvodina, Miloš Bašić, is optimistic about the upcoming game against Kolubara in the sixth round of the Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

After a two-week break, the Old Lady returns to the field, and Miloš Bašić announces the game for victory in Lazarevac as well.

– Expectations in a club like Vojvodina are always high, so it is also before this match. Our goal is to continue to provide good games, to control the game and dominate the field. We know what awaits us in Lazarevac, that Kolubara is an unpleasant and disciplined team, which is composed of individuals for a specific way of playing with good blocks, organized defense and efficient transition and exceptional breaks. We have been preparing for all this during the past week and I believe that regardless of their qualities, we will manage to impose our philosophy and return to Novi Sad with three points – said Bašić.

Coach Milan Rastavac will be able to count on almost all the players, except Vladimir Miletić and Uroš Nikolić, who are still recovering from an injury.

– Miletić is sick, and Uroš Nikolić has started with easier training. We expect that he will join the rest of the team during the next week. Everyone else is ready, but we have another training session on Friday before the game, so we have to wait and after that the Manager will decide who will play – Bašić said.

He added that the team used the break and the postponed match with Red Star in the last round to prepare as well as possible and recharge the batteries for all the challenges ahead.

– We used these two weeks to prepare for some new segments of the game, especially for teams like this, which want to defend a little more. We also used it to raise the level of physical abilities, and along the way the players had enough time to rest for all the upcoming challenges – concluded Miloš Bašić.

The match between Kolubara and Vojvodina is scheduled for Saturday at 7 p.m., with a live broadcast on the Arena Sport 5 channel.