Vojvodina qualified for the round of 16 of the Serbian Cup after it beat Grafičar with a score of 4-1 (1:1) after a better penalty shootout.

The goal for Vojvodina in the regular part of the match was scored by Čumić in the 86th minute, and in the penalty series – Uroš Nikolić, Zukić and Nemanja Nikolić scored, but the absolute hero was the goalkeeper Nikola Simić who saved all three penalties, so the last two series they didn’t even perform.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Grafičar: Manojlović, Knežević, Vasiljević, Ćurić (from 77th Bubanj), N. Mituljikić (from 83rd Bajić), J. Mituljikić (from 83rd Petrović), Nikolašević (from 70th Mackenzie), Lazić, Fall, Jovanović, Ibanez (from 69th Radojević).

Vojvodina: N. Simić – Lazarević, Traore, Jeličić (from 36th Busnić), Antonijević – Topić (from 74th Zukić), Milosavljević (from 75th Baraye) – U. Nikolić, V. Simić (from 51st Čumić) – Malbašić – Kabić (from 51st N. Nikolić).

Grafičar had their first big chance in the third minute, first Nikolašević shot from the edge of the penalty area, Nikola Simić made an excellent intervention, Mituljikić ran into the rebound, but Traore also slid in excellently and saved a clear goal.

Vojvodina threatened for the first time in the 17th minute, Simić played past Malbašić on the right flank, his shot was blocked. Voša attacked in a similar way in the 25th minute, first Simić was blocked, then the ball bounced to Uroš Nikolić, whose shot was blocked by Ibanez. Two minutes later, Nikolić crossed for Kabić, who headed over the goal.

The coach of the away team, Milan Rastavac, was forced to make the first change in the 36th minute, Jeličić left due to injury, Busnić entered, and Topić was reassigned to the heart of the defense.

There were no major opportunities until the end of the first half, and then Grafičar took the lead at the start of the second half of the game. In the 48th minute, Knežević timely played past Jovan Mituljikić, who escaped the defense of Vojvodina and hit the first corner for 1-0.

Milan Rastavac immediately reacted by introducing Nemanja Nikolić and Čumić instead of Simić and Kabić, which meant Voša’s offensive.

Grafičar withdrew after the goal and waited for a chance from the counterattack, and from one such situation in the 59th minute, it almost scored the second goal. After the return from the right flank, Nikolašević shot from close range, but at the last moment Busnić prevented a great chance.

Voša continued to pressurize the rival, in the 61st minute, Nikolić passed the ball to Milosavljević, who found himself in an excellent position, but his shot was also blocked.

In the 80th minute, Voša had the chance of the game, Baraye, who replaced Milosavljević just before that, played past Čumić in the box, but he shot directly at goalkeeper Manojlović.

What he failed to do in the 80th minute, he did only six minutes later, when Čumić equalized at 1-1. Uroš Nikolić sent a long ball to the left flank, Čumić escaped his keeper and then hit the far corner for 1-1.

After that, Nemanja Nikolić shot over the goal from a distance, Mackenzie threatened from 20 meters on the other side, but there was no change in the score. In stoppage time, Čumić and Nikolić again had good chances, however, there were no winners after the regular 90 minutes, so penalties were decided.

Penalty series:

  1. Simić reads Radojević’s shot, Uroš Nikolić hits the bottom left corner – 0-1
  2. Bubanj in the middle, Simić defends, Zukić powerfully under the crossbar, into the fork – 0-2
  3. The wonderful Simić also reads Bajić, Nemanja Nikolić hits the bottom left corner – 0-3