Football club Vojvodina and the company Mozzart Bet signed a cooperation agreement today, according to which the company Mozzart Bet became the exclusive betting partner of FK Vojvodina.

As a leader in the field of games of chance and sports betting in Southeast Europe, Mozzart Bet has recognized the brand and market potential of FK Vojvodina, one of the oldest, most successful and most popular clubs in this area, just like FK Vojvodina to its sponsorship pool gladly joined one of the most renowned companies in the region, known not only for its success in its business, but also for its commitment to modernizing society as a whole, participating in the development of a successful market economy, while respecting the environment and the society in which we live.

According to the president of FK Vojvodina, Dragoljub Samardžić, these were additional values ​​that contributed to the officialization of the cooperation between the Old Lady and the company Mozzart Bet.

– Football club Vojvodina can today announce with satisfaction that there was an important cooperation, which may have been a little late, but it is always welcome. I can’t help but skip yesterday’s game and I want to thank the players and the coaching staff for their exceptional effort, commitment and exceptional success. As a club, we managed to pass the second round with all the difficulties we are in. We are happy, we are satisfied and we are moving on. We made one route of the new road we want to walk, and yesterday it was seen that it is possible with young players. What we missed on that journey is the partnership that we supplemented with an exclusive and new member, which will bring us a lot in further cooperation. It is a sponsor who is in the best football edition, because we were united not only by economic logic, but also by football. Once again, I want to welcome our common idea and cooperation and I hope that it will last as long as possible – said Dragoljub Samardžić.

The general director of the company Mozzart Bet, Slobodan Prodanović, also expressed satisfaction with the future cooperation with one of the biggest Serbian clubs.

– Mozzart Bet continues its journey, which promotes socially responsible business and helps large and small sports clubs. Vojvodina belongs to that circle of big clubs, first of all, with its history of over 100 years. It is one of our most trophy clubs. Without us, Voša passed the second round, and we hope and believe that we will contribute to win against Austrian club in the next round. This will not be a short-term cooperation, because it is neither in our interest, nor in the interest of Vojvodina. This is the beginning and we hope for a successful cooperation – emphasized the general director of the company Mozzart Bet, Slobodan Prodanović.

After the signing ceremony, the President of FK Vojvodina Dragoljub Samardžić gave the jersey of the Old Lady with his last name and number 10, as well as the logo of Mozzart Bet on the back to the General Manager of Mozzart Bet Slobodan Prodanović, while Mr. Prodanović gave a soccer ball with the motives of the company Mozzart Bet to the president of FK Vojvodina Dragoljub Samardžić.