Vojvodina striker Momčilo Mrkaić expects a difficult away match against Red Star, but he hopes for a potential surprise and a positive result.

Slavoljub Đorđević’s team will not have an easy task at the start of the new championship, and the tall striker of the Old Lady is aware of that.

– Playing at Marakana is the most difficult possible match for every team in the Super League. Rarely does anyone take points there, we all saw that last season as well. But, we have the right to hope and try to use their shortcomings and reach a positive result – said Mrkaić.

He believes that the greatest strength of Red Star is that the skeleton of the team has been together for years.

– They have the same skeleton of the team for a long time, they know each other, they play together for a long time and that brings them stability. In addition, they have quality in every position, and more players in rotation, which opens the possibility for them to always be fresh and the strongest possible – Mrkaić points out.

However, he believes that Voša has its trump cards in Belgrade.

– Football is a game and you can play against any rival. If we run more, stand well tactically, if we manage to use the space and attack at the right moment, we will certainly endanger them. We must reduce the number of mistakes to a minimum, and our efficiency to be at a maximum – said Mrkaić.

Immediately after the Red Star, the qualifications for the Conference League start.

– A tighter schedule is starting, we are starting with Red Star, then we are going to Lithuania, but later we will turn to the rival in Europe in detail. We go step by step, patiently and smartly. If we continue to work as before, we will be physically ready to be able to fight against any rival with high intensity and team spirit. That should be our recipe for the new season – togetherness, more running, physical fitness, and then someone’s individual quality will always stand out – concluded Mrkaić.

The match Red Star – Vojvodina is scheduled for Friday at 8 p.m.