Vojvodina defeated Novi Pazar with the result 1-0 (0-0) in the 29th round of the Serbian Super League.

The only goal in the match was scored by Momčilo Mrkaić in the 67th minute.

The coaches took the following lineups on the pitch:

Vojvodina: Vukliš – Andrić, Bralić, Maksimović, Devetak (from 46th Đorđević) – Drinčić, Stojković (from 82nd Đurić) – Zukić (from 46th Mrkaić), Simić (from 75th Novevski), Gemović (from 90th Kabić) – Bojić.

Novi Pazar: Drobnjak – Vlajković, Delimeđac, Islamović (from 81st Nikčević), Aganspahić, Gigić (from 63rd Dragutinović), Stoiljković (from 81st Marinković), Pešukić, Cisse, Kovačević, Kojić.

It started fiercely on both sides, since in the third minute, Stojković shot strongly from over 20 meters, but the goalkeeper of Novi Pazar was in the right place. Only a minute later, the guests retaliated from a counter-attack, Aganspahić suddenly came out on his own on Vukliš, who managed to catch the ball, which then bounced off the post into the corner.

The guests threatened again in the 12th minute, Islamović shot from the edge of the penalty area, but his attempt was blocked, so the ball ended up next to the goalpost. After the corner kick, Novi Pazar had the third shot towards the goal, and this time Vukliš stopped an attractive bicycle kick.

Vojvodina took the initiative again and in the 20th minute they had the best opportunity, Gemović ran and centered from the left side, Zukić tried a header with a few meters, but he shot straight at the goalkeeper Drobnjak. Soon, the guests threatened once again, when Cisse’s shot from a distance was easily stopped by Vukliš, and after that, a period without opportunities followed, with a great fight in the middle of the pitch. In the last minute of the first part of the game, Novi Pazar again showed how quickly they transform from defense to attack, since they again had a dangerous counterattack, but there was no better shot from the edge of the penalty area.

Nenad Lalatović made two changes at half time. Đorđević and Mrkaić replaced Devetak and Zukić and those changes brought a more concrete and faster play in the attack. Mrkaić took the position of the central forward, while Bojić withdrew to the position of midfielder, and Simić and Gemović attacked from the wings. It was Gemović who had the first great opportunity in the continuation. After the cross from the right side, he shot over the goal with his head.

Novi Pazar had the first chance in the 65th minute, and it was very dangerous, when Vukliš was forced to slip on a five-pointer in front of the attacker of the away team. The punishment followed only two minutes later, after the action on the right side, Andrić centered, and Mrkaić assessed the flight of the ball very well and deftly transferred the goalkeeper Drobnjak with his head from the first post.

Mrkaić soon asked for medical help due to injury, but he returned to the game, and then Nenad Lalatović made another change to refresh the team, since Simić was replaced by Novevski. Lalatović rotated offensive positions again, now he transferred Gemović to the left wing, and Novevski played on the right side. Vojvodina had another dangerous situation in front of the guests’ goal, when only a slightly more precise return pass by Đorđević was missing, since Mrkaić was alone on five meters from the goal.

Ten minutes before the end, Novi Pazar returned with another dangerous counter-attack, after which Dragutinović found himself in a good position on the left side. However, goalkeeper Vukliš made another save.

Until the end, Vojvodina had another chance through Gemović, after which he was replaced by young Kabić.

Voša kept the advantage and won important points and kept the third place on the table with 60 points.