The coach of Vojvodina FC, Ranko Popović congratulated his players on their win, and believes that they needed a triumph like this one.

The players of the old lady won against Javor with goals by Radomir Milosavljević, and Asmir Kajević in added time. At the press conference, Popović expressed his satisfaction with the play, but he was also dissatisfied with certain decisions on the pitch.

  • If I would start criticizing, then everything would go in a different direction, because I believe they deserved at least three yellow cards in the first half of the game. Everyone is looking from their own perspective, but I will have to watch the game once more, to see all the details. Javor has very good players, especially for counter attacks, they positioned the game well, and I was anxious for a reason. They had a chance at the beginning, which Carević excellently blocked. In the second half we had to see how to change the match to our advantage. We have to bring out the players in the best possible condition, and no one knows how ready they are, nor are they interested. In general, we have to be calmer, and for this nervousness we miss many chances. I understand that the boys have a strong desire, and that they feel the pressure. Someone told me that we shot 30 times outside the net, but that’s because we do some things impulsively. Nobody has built a team in a month, nor will they. At the end, I would like to thank the players for fighting and winning, because this is just what we needed – Popović said.

He reflected on the sparks on the pitch, which happened tonight in the heat of the fight.

  • I would like everyone to have the relationship like Vojvodina and Javor. Many things happened, provocations, but some players can’t control themselves. When that happens, I have the responsibility, if they are my players. I tried to make suggestions to the referee, because I saw in which direction the game was headed. I don’t allow the players to pretend, to fall down when they shouldn’t and whine – Popović stated.

He also addressed the alteration that brought the shift and the win.

  • The players who entered the game definitely contributed to the win. We wanted to have more experienced players, who would make more pressure, but we also have to pay attention to how much they can play, because they were away for some time. When you have equal players who play 90 minutes, then it’s fine, but we have to prepare ourselves physically through all of this, and bring back some players. It is good that those who entered the pitch had the power and the strength to help us – Popović highlighted.

For the hundredth time, the coach of Voša pointed out the unwanted mistakes, after which his team receives goals.

  • Time and time again, we receive the first goal, and then come back. Today, we really wanted to try and not receive the goal, but we still make mistakes that cost us greatly. There’s also some psychology, some individual things, but we have to work on it collectively. You saw the goalkeeper of the Red Star, he blocks 30 shots, and then receives a goal like that, that’s football, and that happens. We have to be a little calmer, but we should also think about kicking towards the goal, when we need to give the ball from behind. The players should learn to be criticized, they have to get used to it, to learn, because only then can we be better – Popović highlighted.

Finally, he commented on the difference between the number of players who were present during the preparations in Slovenia, and those who are here today.

  • This is the situation that we found, and in which we are today, but I am glad that we are all determined to become better. There are many objective reasons for why we are in this situation. If we manage to strive towards continuous work with a certain group of people in the future, then we will surely advance, and be better, day by day – Ranko Popović concluded.

In the next round, Voša will be playing against the team of Voždovac, on Thursday, September 28th from 6:30pm.