Today, Vojvodina FC and the Postal Savings Bank signed a cooperation agreement based on which this company becomes the golden sponsor of ’’the old lady’’.

In the reception hall of Vujadin Boškov FC, contact on sponsorship was signed by the president of Vojvodina FC, Dragoljub Zbiljić, and the president of the Executive Board of the Postal Savings Bank, Bojan Kekić.

The president of the old lady, Dragoljub Zbiljić, expressed his contentment with this cooperation and reminded everyone that it is another sign that Vojvodina is becoming stronger.

  • After a long road of 15 months of hard work and the situation in which we found the club upon our arrival, and after we have brought it to a financial, organizational and staff stability, it is a big deal when someone recognizes that and offers cooperation, and that someone is not just anyone, it is the Postal Savings Bank. The Serbia bank 100% owned by the state, which has shown significant growth in the last few years, and shows that they know what they are doing and how they are investing. We know them and recognize them from their investments in the Volleyball Association of Serbia, where plenty of medals were won, after the Postal Savings Bank became their sponsor. I really feel honored to sign this contract and we hope that this cooperation will be at least half as fruitful, and that we will have to expand our trophy display window if we achieve the results like other clubs and associations sponsored by the Postal Savings bank did.

The president of the Executive Board of the Postal Savings Bank, Bojan Kekić, also expressed his contentment.

–   We had a lot of different sponsorships, but this one was on our initiative, because we would like to thank both Novi Sad, and the entire Vojvodina. It is a great pleasure that the Postal Savings bank and Vojvodina are connected through tradition. Last year, we marked 100 years of work and existence, and Vojvodina FC will mark 110 anniversary next year. Thus, as someone once said, veterans and tradition united in hopes of achieving extraordinary results.