Vojvodina coach Dragan Radojičić is optimistic before the start of the playoffs and the first game with Napredak.

The Old Lady will host Napredak on Sunday at 6 pm, and Radojičić is expecting another difficult match.

– A new difficult match awaits us against a quality rival, who in the last moments won a place in the playoffs and thus certainly raised his self-confidence, just like us after the triumph in the last round. We again have the imperative of victory, European ambitions, but there is also Napredak. In the remaining part, all matches will be difficult, we have seven finals ahead of us and we want to win three points in the first match. There is a great atmosphere in the team, as I said, we are growing from round to round. We will certainly miss the suspended Lazarević, but when he is not there, we have to do without him. He brings us a special quality in attack, but I am sure that the player who will play instead of him will help us and fulfill his tasks – said Radojičić.

He reiterated that he expects an attacking game from his team, but that he will be very envious of Napredak as well.

– Again, we want to play on half of the opponents, to have the ball in our possession, to be dangerous for the goal, and to be able to save our net. It will again depend on the opponent, and Napredak has an extremely high-quality team, especially the goalkeeper and central backs, but also the midfield, so we will have a headache to stop such a team. I know that my guys will be motivated and ready again and I am sure that they will bring us three points – Radojičić pointed out.

In the last match against Napredak, goalkeeper Vasiljević defended two penalties, but Radojičić believes that a shot from 11 meters must be a sure goal.

– The penalty can only be poorly executed. No matter how good the goalkeeper is, when the penalty kick is kicked properly, then it is a 100% chance. It is very unlikely that the goalkeeper will defend, if the performer kicks the penalty properly. I hope that we will not wait for some penalty to bring us points, that we will use situations from the game. But even if there is a penalty, we have a ready analysis of the goalkeeper Vasiljević, so that will not be a problem for us – says Radojičić.

Coach of Voša believes that character, motivation and desire will be crucial in the fight for a place in Europe.

– The quality of the teams that are fighting for a place in Europe is equal and only victories will decide, and they are brought by the inspiration, desire, character and motivation of the players. I am glad that we have risen in those segments as well, and that I have the right to believe in placement in Europe. We have a difficult schedule, but so do other teams, no one will have an easy job. We have three games at home, we have two tied matches against Red Star and Partizan, but we have to be ready for everything. We have to go step by step and think only about how to win three points in the next game. We will not change our style against Red Star and Partizan, we will always play for the win and we will do our best in every game – Radojičić concluded.