Vojvodina coach Dragan Radojičić is dissatisfied after his team lost to Radnički in Kragujevac.

The Old Lady lost today with the result 3-2, and Radojičić spoke after the game about the mistakes that led to the new defeat of Vojvodina.

– There was another psychological decline after we had such dominance in the first half. We received goals from the situations we were preparing for the most, from the free kicks and after one long ball of 60 meters, and that is very unserious. I have to be a little rough, because when you lose a game like this, then it is clear to you why you are where you are, why you have six consecutive defeats. After that, we conceded the third goal from the penalty spot, we tried to come back, we did everything we could, we fought until the very end, but I don’t think we could reach Radnički. I don’t remember when something like this happened to me, that my team has such dominance, and that we lose 3-0 and then return to 3-2. I am angry, but I cannot allow myself to be disappointed, I have to keep working, to do my best, but what we have seen today are some tails that have been dragging on for a little longer – said Radojičić.

In the next match, Voša will play against Rad, in the quarterfinals of the Serbian Cup. That match is scheduled for Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.