The coach of Vojvodina, Dragan Radojičić, said at the press conference that his team will do its best to achieve a positive result in the derby against the Red Star.

The Old Lady will host the Red Star on Sunday at 5 pm, and the Manager, Dragan Radojičić, is expecting a brave release from his team.

– A match with the best team in the country awaits us, with the champion coming to us with the imperative of victory. Many did not manage to take a single point from Red Star and everyone knows how difficult it is. We are in a mini series of two defeats, we lost to the teams with which we are directly fighting for a place in Europe. We are not in the best psychological moment, but we are working with the players to come out in the best possible edition and to play properly, manly and with dignity. We should not run away from the fact that we are in an inferior position in relation to the rival, but we will never give up. The point difference is huge between Red Star and Partizan and other teams, and that is not good, regardless of their budgets. I want Vojvodina to be competitive with the Red Star and Partizan. We are not in a position to threaten, but we will do everything to show a good game, and if we manage to reach a good result – said Radojičić.

When asked about media reports that Partizan is “awarding” teams that take away points from the Red Star, he answered that this is the first time he has heard about it and that Voša will always be a club that will play only for itself.

– FK Vojvodina is FK Vojvodina. Both as a former player and now the coach of this club, I am not interested in those things. Now, for the first time, I hear about the award, and I know that FK Vojvodina will play exclusively for itself, thinking only of itself. No one easily takes points against Red Star and Partizan. Of these teams fighting for Europe, if anyone succeeds, that could be crucial. We lost points from teams in relation to which we were not inferior on the field. That is why we have taken a step backwards in the fight for Europe, but we have not completely. We have two tied games against Red Star and Partizan. The result is 0-0 today, we have a point in our pocket, so we will see how things will go on the field – says Radojičić.

The Manager of Vojvodina underlined that the number and manner of goals conceded are one of the main problems of the team.

– You are all witnesses of how Vojvodina received goals this season and how it unhappily lost points. It certainly affected the players, but no matter what, we want to play the best we can and try to overcome the psychological crisis. I am a winner in my head and I will never do this job if I think differently. I want to make my players winners, but the number of goals conceded had a huge impact on the psychological state of the team. Accidents, mistakes, which were repeated to us non-stop. I will not blame any player, because everyone wanted the best. Now we hope that luck will make us smile a little and help us reduce that level of mistakes and return to the race for Europe. It may seem impossible to many, but we still have 12 points in the spotlight. The cup is coming in 10 days, we have time to think about it. We do not have a priority in the competition, except that we want to win every game – said Radojičić.

Dušan Stevanović will not be available due to suspension, and his absence will not be the only change in the starting lineup. Radojičić also referred to the minutes of Uroš Kabić, but also other young players who came to the fore.

– Stevanović does not have the right to perform, but that will not be the only change. As for Kabić, you take the statistics, look at when and how much he played and draw conclusions based on that, but that is not the real picture. Kabić had problems with his temperature, after which he recovered a little longer. That’s what the medical team told me, and I had the opportunity to see that at the trainings. We should not only talk about Kabić, but we should also single out the great editions and the increasing minutes of Novevski and Nešković and some others who are now back in the team. Kabić has a great career ahead of him, but you have to be aware of his condition. He will be a player who will lift the audience to their feet, but he must be physically ready. I spend most of my time with him, a few hours a day and I know what he is capable of. Kabić played 90 minutes against Rad, it is physically hard for him at the moment and that is why we will not force him. I believe in him, as well as in all the other guys – Radojičić points out.

He emphasized that he would not prepare the game for the team to “play for a point”.

– When I prepare for the next game, I have an idea in my head how to win and strive for it. We will try to beat the Red Star and tactically prepare the game that way. I can’t run away from myself and say that I think differently, but I won’t tell “colorful lies”. At the moment, we can’t say that we would be dissatisfied with the point, but I would tell you differently now if I had selected this team. At this moment, the situation is as it is, you all see it. I personally think and want to help Vojvodina always be competitive, against every rival, especially at its stadium. But, I also repeat to my players that the match is played on one rectangle and that it does not matter whether it is in Novi Sad, Belgrade or Surdulica – Radojičić concluded.

By the way, the tickets sale for this match started today, and you can watch the match Vojvodina – Red Star directly on the Arena premium 1 channel, on Sunday at 5 pm.