Vojvodina’s coach Milan Rastavac believes that his team deservedly won points on the road in Kruševac tonight.

The Old Lady celebrated with goals from Čumić and Malbašić, and with a 0-1 lead, Carević also saved a penalty, so Rastavac pointed out that Voša had a bit of luck, but deservedly achieved the triumph.

– Maybe in the end it looked like we won routinely in the last part of the game. I believe from the bottom of my heart that we deserved to win, even though this was one of those games where we can say that we were a little lucky, because Napredak had its chances. However, my impression is that we deservedly won the points, that in the end we calmly brought the match to an end – said Rastavac.

Vojvodina welcomes Mladost GAT in the next round on Saturday at 8 p.m.