After his team’s draw against Spartak, the Manager of Vojvodina, Milan Rastavac, stated that he is satisfied with the performance of the red and white team, wishing that the Old Lady would always perform as she did tonight.

Vojvodina and Spartak played a 0-0 draw tonight, in the 67th Vojvodina derby.

– I congratulate my colleague on the points they take to Subotica. After Veljko Simić, I think the best player of the match tonight was the goalkeeper of Spartak. From my point of view, I can say that we did everything right. Literally everything. The atmosphere was for ten, the support of the fans, the overall atmosphere with the visiting fans, the play of our team, the offensive, the creation of chances, even a goal… I would like Vojvodina to look like this in every game – says Rastavac.

The red and whites scored a goal at the end of the first half, but it was disallowed after the VAR room signaled that the start of the action was preceded by a foul in the middle of the field.

– It was a shock, but the fortunate circumstance was that immediately after that we had a break in front of us, so we had the opportunity to prepare and focus on the second half. It did affect the players, but I can’t say that it disabled us, because even in the second half we managed to attack, create chances and be aggressive. I think that we showed a good side and that it didn’t derail us – notes Rastavac.

The Manager of Vojvodina expects that over time his players will become better and better at dealing with unfavorable referee decisions or unfavorable results during the game.

– It is a process that is worked on, and that is reached with experience and the habit that you have to win. We have put ourselves in a situation where we have the opportunity to win, dominate and want to beat every opponent, regardless of where we play and that will be a burden we will have to deal with. I believe that we will grow and mature as time goes on and that we will be able to deal with it more and more easily – said Rastavac.

In the next round, Vojvodina will face Radnički 1923 in Kragujevac, and that match will be played on Saturday, starting at 5:30 p.m.