On Friday, Vojvodina plays against Mladost in Lučani, and Vojvodina’s coach Milan Rastavac wants his team to continue their positive streak.

After a draw with Red Star in Belgrade and a convincing victory over Kolubars at Karađorđe, Voša is visiting Mladost in the 22nd round of the Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

– It is clear to everyone that we are visiting a team that knows how to compete. We are expecting a game with a lot of duels, physical effort and specificity within their game, and these are all challenges that need to be answered. What makes me happy is that we believe that we are ready to meet all these challenges and win three points. As for the team, we can count on all the players, with the exception of Uroš Nikolić, who will soon return to the team – said Milan Rastavac.

In the first match of this season, Voša and Mladost drew 1-1, and the only goal was scored by Nemanja Nikolić from the penalty spot. Rastavac also used that match to prepare his team in the best possible way.

– Our obligation was to prepare for that game in order to find opportunities to threaten their goal. Mladost play specific football, but there are certain mechanisms against their idea and one-on-one game, and I believe that we will manage to threaten them – Rastavac points out.

The team from Lučani has two defeats at the start of the second part of the season, while Vojvodina won four out of a possible six points.

– All teams have their ups and downs, and Mladost at this moment waited to be in a slump. Everyone has a challenge to maintain a high level throughout the season, and that is not easy at all. Fortunately for us, we come as guests when Mladost is vulnerable. On the other hand, this good start means a lot to us, because those first steps are a confirmation of our work, and along the way, we also raise self-confidence, which is extremely important. We gather good energy around us and thus raise self-confidence, we show that we have quality and that we are capable of presenting it, and thus also gather the support of everyone else, because that’s the only way, all together, we can move forward – concluded Milan Rastavac.

The match between Mladost and Vojvodina is scheduled for Friday at 4 p.m., with a live broadcast on the Arena premium 2 channel.