Vojvodina coach Milan Rastavac is satisfied with the performance shown in the second control match against Azerbaijan’s Sabah.

The Old Lady lost today with the result 2-4, but Rastavac pointed out that physical preparation determined the course of the game, because this was a general rehearsal for Voša’s rival before the continuation of their championship.

– The match went as our physical capabilities allowed. We were very good when we were fresh, and then when we started to fall, they managed to maintain some of their rhythm. There are a lot of things that were good and also things that we need to fix. It is important to me that we made some progress compared to the previous game and that some things looked better, now we need to continue working – said Rastavac.

Coach of Voša pointed out that it is necessary for the team to work on the game in the defensive phase.

– There are good things in the defensive phase, but also things that we don’t do well. In training, we try to correct those things, but it is obvious that we will have to work even harder. Topić has now got a new role in the defense, we want to see how it looks and whether we can count on him in competitive matches – said Rastavac.

Finally, he added that individuals have stood out so far, but that the championship is much more important than preparations.

– The group of players who played 30 minutes today will play 60 minutes tomorrow, while today’s starters will play half an hour each. There are individuals who made better use of the first part of the preparations, however, we should not forget that these are preparations and what is important is what is to come, and that is the championship – Rastavac concluded.