Vojvodina coach Milan Rastavac is satisfied with his team’s draw with Khimki.

The Old Lady recorded its first draw today in the preparations in Belek, after it played without goals against the Russian team.

– It’s a real shame that there were no goals, because we created a lot of chances. The defense also looked much better today, as well as the ball game, especially in the last part of the game. We had quality quick attacks, which is really encouraging. However, the most important thing is that everyone ran the game well and that no one was injured and that we finished this mini-segment of two games successfully – said Rastavac.

He also referred to the fact that Mirko Topić and Veljko Simić will join the Serbian national team after this match.

– Some things will certainly change, but now we as a group are more ready to endure some longer and greater burdens, so we will push through it – said Rastavac.

Coach of Voša believes that his team was more playful and dangerous in the second half today.

– In the first half, our game broke much more often than in the second half, and that is my general impression. Also, the conditions for the race were much better in the last half hour, it seemed that we liked the conditions for the game. Desire and will, tactical ideas that we set, everyone tried to fulfill, so we are satisfied from that side – stressed Rastavac.

Finally, he commented on another missed penalty by Nemanja Nikolić.

– I think we will definitely change the penalty taker, but Nemanja Nikolić will continue to have our maximum support, because missed penalties are an integral part of football life and we continue to live with that – concluded Milan Rastavac.