The coach of Vojvodina, Milan Rastavac, is satisfied after the victory of the Old Lady in the first control match in the preparations in Slovenia.

Vojvodina beat Borac 1-0, and Rastavac expressed his impressions after the match.

– The result is certainly not in the foreground. The performance is as expected, some ideas that we wanted to see can be seen. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, to set everything right, but I can say that I am satisfied with our unity and the way we wanted to set ourselves in relation to our demands. I can’t say that I am very satisfied with any segment of the game, but that is completely normal at the moment – said Rastavac.

Today, two different teams got a chance, and the plan of the coaching staff is for everyone to get a chance during the preparations.

– We wanted everyone to equally enter into these preparations, to show and prove themselves, that is, for everyone to start from the same positions. Several young players also got a chance, some of them used it to a greater extent, some to a lesser extent, but we also expect them to have those oscillations, which are normal. It is important that they give us signals that they have the capacity for this team – says Rastavac.

He is also satisfied with the action after which the only goal in the match fell.

– I liked the action because it went according to plan, just as we wanted it to develop. The boys recognized the spaces and timings well, which is why it resulted in a goal – added the coach of Voša.

Today, in the second half, a new goalkeeper made his debut, Lazar Carević, who arrived from Barcelona B.

– Lazar is a young guy, but he also has some experience, which can be seen in his calmness. He spent several years abroad, he has a lot of space in front of him and we believe that he will use it and that we will have a lot of success together – Rastavac points out.

He concluded that in the next preparatory matches, everyone will get a chance to prove themselves.

– We have small problems with injuries, so we will have to adjust to the situation, but in general, the plan is to continue in the same rhythm in the next games – concluded Milan Rastavac.

Voša has her next check-up on Wednesday at 5.30 pm, when her rival will be the Bulgarian team Maritsa Plovdiv.