Tomorrow, in the second round of the Serbian Super League, Vojvodina will play against Mladost GAT at Karađorđe. After the victory over Napredak in the first round, achieved in a great atmosphere in front of around 4,500 spectators, the red and whites are hoping for an identical outcome and the same, if not even better, atmosphere against the city rival, who is participating in the top tier of the Serbian football for the first time in their history.

This is confirmed by the words of the Manager of the Old Lady Milan Rastavac.

– Our ambition is to continue to present ourselves in a good light and show that we are continuously able to play, be aggressive and show quality in all phases of the game against another solid and good opponent, with whom, given the circumstances, we will face again on our field. What we all wish is that as many spectators as possible come to watch this match. I think that our audience will be more numerous, and we want to make them happy and satisfied after this game too – says Rastavac.

The schedule for this season determined that Vojvodina will play at Karađorđe four times in the first five rounds.

– I am not burdened by that, because if we say that the schedule for this half-season is good, then it would mean that it will be very difficult in the second half-season. We are focused on how well we will be able to present ourselves both at home and away. That’s why I say that if we repeat the game from the last round and at the same time improve in some segments, then we can expect good things for us. We will try not to make a difference between the opponent and the place where we will play, because our edition and approach to the match will be practically the same on every field – Rastavac points out.

According to him, Voša will face Mladost in a similar lineup as against Napredak.

– Uroš Kabić is back in the training process, so this week he did everything with the team, and from next week he will start competing for the team. As for the other players, they are all healthy except for Uroš Nikolić, who is still out. The line-up for tomorrow will be very similar to the one from the last game, and we will see how the situation will develop during the match – notes Rastavac.

The Manager of Vojvodina appreciates the qualities of Mladost GAT, which opened the season with a victory away in Surdulica.

– Mladost showed quality, above all, in executing quick attacks. With Dimitrov as a distributor and Mirosavljev and Popović attacking the space, they want to exploit that segment of the game the most and use it well. We will try to make that segment of the game significantly impossible for them and, of course, to take advantage of their weaknesses – says Rastavac.

He notes that he is not worried about the fact that the red and whites did not materialize the dominance on the field against Napredak during the game, which is why they could have been punished at the very end.

– I am not afraid of anything and I believe that this segment of the game will get better and better from game to game. On the other hand, victories bring a level of confidence that is necessary to score easily. These are parallel processes that we have to go through and I believe that we will do well – Rastavac points out.

Like everyone in the club, he too was pleased by the support that Voša had in the match against Napredak, as well as the fact that all the fans left Karađorđe very satisfied.

– I am not satisfied with that, I am more than satisfied and that is one of the segments that truly made me happy. If you remember, after the first conference where we met, I got the impression “there are us”. After this first game, my general impression is “there are even more of us” – said Rastavac.

The match between Mladost GAT and Vojvodina will be played tomorrow at 8 PM at Karađorđe, with a TV broadcast on the channel Arena Sport 1. Tickets for the match will be available tomorrow from 4 PM at the box offices of the Karađorđe stadium, at prices of 500 (west) and 300 dinars (east).