Vojvodina coach Milan Rastavac is proud of his team, but also of the Old Lady fans after the victory over Voždovac.

Vojvodina beat Voždovac with goals by Nikola Čumić in the 10th round of the Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

– As I said in the announcement, Voždovac is a team that if you want to win, you have to get the best out of you. I think that just happened to us. The match was meaningful from all aspects, and I believe that the audience could enjoy tonight’s performance. I would also like to thank the coach Dragan Stojković and the representatives of the Serbian Football Federation who came to watch our game. The next thing I have to mention is that we wouldn’t have won a game like this without the support of the fans. They carry us this season, they come in large numbers to the away games and you can feel that positive atmosphere that has been transferred to the field. In order to beat Voždovac, it is necessary with support and all the dice to match, and we are very pleased that tonight they did. I believe that we will continue to develop and play as good football as possible – said Rastavac.

He particularly referred to the game of Nikola Čumić, who entered the game in the second half and scored both goals.

– I am only focused on getting the best out of Nikola Čumić and how to make him as useful as possible in our game. There’s no need to comment much on this game, because it can’t get any better than this one, but you should stay on the ground. The most important thing is that he stays with us on this journey and the idea that made him decide to come to Vojvodina – said Rastavac.

Coach of Voša confirmed that Lazar Carević had to leave the field due to an injury.

– Carević felt pain in his knee and we didn’t want to risk it and had to take him out of the game. However, as I said, I will repeat again that I am extremely satisfied with both our goalkeepers. Unfortunately, the set of circumstances is such that someone has to remain on the bench, but I am satisfied with how Simić responded to the tasks – said Rastavac.

He is particularly pleased with the maturity in Vojvodina’s game, especially in the periods when Voždovac dominated.

– Voždovac has automatisms in his game, which also have their own continuity and are really excellent in positioning. They were seen to be difficult to match when set up like that. We were looking for our moment when we would break it. We got that with some changes, and probably also with the fact that their good play tired them out a bit. I am extremely glad that we finally showed maturity, which we did not show to that extent in some previous games. This especially applies to the periods of the game when the team was in a subordinate position, which is an integral part of football. The most important thing is that we grow and that we have room for progress and that we use it more and more for now – Rastavac concluded.

In the next round, Vojvodina plays with Čukaricki away, on Sunday at 7 PM.