The coach of Vojvodina, Milan Rastavac, is optimistic about visiting Novi Pazar.

The Old Lady visits CaizCoin on Friday at 5 PM and has the opportunity to end the series of poor results.

– We are going to Novi Pazar with the idea of ​​regaining the result success compared to the previous failure. Novi Pazar is in a good moment, they have a clear and direct game and it takes a lot of knowledge, energy and courage to oppose them in the right way. We have some issues that pop up for us this season, and what’s working for us is time, because I think we’re going to get better week by week. And that we will have more time for these players who need to find their right rhythm. Novi Pazar requires a lot of duels and aggressiveness and needs to set up a smart counter game, and that’s why it’s up to us to make it impossible for them to reach the dangerous zone from those long balls. On the other hand, we have to make them defend more often with more players, in which case we will weaken their offensive characteristics. In Novi Pazar, the players who perform that style are the ones who exactly fit that idea. We are looking forward to the fact that the audience in Novi Pazar will have the opportunity to enjoy the game, because it is nicer for all of us to play for the fans. At home matches, we also try to get as many fans as possible to come, so we are also happy that there are as many fans as possible in the stadium – said Rastavac.

He agreed that the coach of Novi Pazar, Vladimir Gaćinović, has a lot of experience and knows Serbian football, but that this is not necessarily a decisive factor.

– Novi Pazar is not a team that adapts much and they stick to their idea more. And we are more focused on our game. Of course, Vlada Gaćinović’s experience can help, and I may miss some things, because I haven’t been here for a while. But all that can be compensated on the field by a better segment of my players’ game – said Rastavac.

He pointed out that all players are available and announced certain changes in the squad.

– There will certainly be certain changes. We get into the rhythm of the games in a short period of time, and a lot will depend on the physical condition of our players, as well as the opponent we play against. We have all the players at our disposal, Jeličić is coming back after serving his suspension, so we don’t have personnel problems – revealed Rastavac.

Coach of Voša also analyzed the decline in the game in recent weeks, which affected the results.

– I think there are two factors – the schedule and the fact that at some point the team has to fall. It is not possible to play in the best form during the entire championship. Our problem is that that form has reached levels that are below the permitted level, and we have to solve and fix that as soon as possible. Sometimes we play against a rival who also has his own problems, and we are all in the best shape, and sometimes it is the other way around, that our opponent has all the players available and the most important ones in shape, and we have problems with injuries or suspension or some decline due to the crisis of results. The sum of all these oscillations brings different results and I am sure that we are not a worse team than TSC and that at some other time the result would have been different. That’s why we have to be patient, more diligent and smarter in everything we do, to find our way and to maintain it at the level needed to win in a row – Rastavac concluded.