Vojvodina coach Milan Rastavac said at today’s press conference that his team must justify their role as favorites in the meeting with Grafičar.

Vojvodina will face Grafičar in the 1/16 finals of the Serbian Cup on Tuesday from 4:00 p.m. at the Rajko Mitić stadium, and Rastavac underlined that the Old Lady has the highest ambitions in this competition as well.

– For us, this is the first match in the Serbian Cup, in which we have the highest ambitions. We are going to visit Belgrade, the team that is the leader in the First League and we know that it is a team, which is a group of young and experienced players who like to play attacking. Our task is to establish ourselves as a team from the upper echelon of the competition, we have to present ourselves as a dominant team that will find a way to control the game from the start. Grafičar likes to play football and knows how to play, as the results show. In the last two games, we caught our breath, we showed quality and strength, and I believe that we will reach the next round – said Milan Rastavac.

He pointed out that since the beginning of the season, no one in Vojvodina has calculated which way is easier to reach the international stage.

– We did not deal with calculations, because that would mean some calculations, and we do not want to deal with them. We have an idea of ​​how we want to play and we believe that that idea can take us where we want to go, regardless of the competition. Our desire is to show on the field a clear way in which we want to play and win, and that’s the way we want to go towards the goal – said Rastavac.

Coach of Voša also answered that the absence of Nemanja Nikolić and the system without a classic striker against Mladost GAT was also part of the tactical ideas.

– Part of it was forced, and part of it was due to the demands of the game. At the same time, it is both a fortunate and unfortunate circumstance for us to use players with different characteristics in different positions. It may deviate from some general idea that would put us in a certain framework, but on the other hand, it gives us the possibility to play against any opponent with various weapons – stressed Rastavac.

He concluded that the upcoming break and winter preparations will be of great importance for the development of Vojvodina.

– I am sure that the upcoming preparations will be an important factor in the continued development of our team and the stabilization and preparation of the entire team. You also witnessed that some players came during the preparations and after the championship started, and they played an important role in the team. I believe that this break will be a great opportunity for us as a team and as a club, which we should use properly – concluded Milan Rastavac.

The game Grafičar – Vojvodina is on the program on Tuesday from 4 PM with a live broadcast on the channel Arena premium 1.