After his team’s victory against Paksi, Vojvodina’s Manager, Milan Rastavac, said that there was a difference in the preparation phase in which these two teams are currently.

Today, Vojvodina defeated Paksi with a score of 2-1 (2-1), in a friendly match played in Belek.

– You could definitely see the difference between their moment and ours. First of all, I am satisfied with the approach and attitude of the players towards their obligations, that is, what we wanted to see in this game. Apart from that, I’m also satisfied with the fact that we didn’t have any injuries, as well as with the fact that we’re slowly starting to look like what we should be. I am aware that this is the first game and that it cannot look like that today, but I am glad that we are going in that direction – says Rastavac.

Vojvodina will stay in Belek until January 27 and during that time it will play five more friendly matches.

– First of all, our goal is to get used to different tactical variants and speed up as a team, in the sense of being able to play faster. It means to me that the players already know each other and that is one card we play, because in that situation everything is easier. However, I think there is a space in which we can still refine our game – emphasizes Rastavac.

For now, the red and whites have practically the same squad as in the first part of the season, considering that only Vladan Novevski left, and only Vuk Bogdanović came.

– We will see how the situation will develop. In principle, we are satisfied with what we have and we believe in the guys who are with us, but of course, the market dictates the terms of both departures and arrivals. Our ambitions in the second part of the season are to fight for the highest positions, to win the trophy in the Cup and to advance to Europe from the highest possible place – Rastavac points out.

Apart from Vojvodina, as many as 13 clubs from the Super League of Serbia are currently preparing in Turkey.

– Thank God that the weather has improved and that it is now in our hands, I hope it will stay that way. There are no big surprises among the teams from Serbia, because we already know each other pretty well. There are a lot of changes and different requirements in the matches that are played here, so what can be seen here is not decisive for me in terms of what can be expected from whom. As far as we are concerned, in the next matches we will define the team that will play more in the spring part of the championship, although the playing time in these first matches in Turkey will still be divided – emphasized Rastavac.

Voša will play the next friendly match on Wednesday, when it will meet Sabah from Azerbaijan.