The City Administration for Building Land and Investments is implementing the project of equipping the soccer field for the training process as part of the Vujadin Boškov Soccer Center in Veternik, and this investment is financed by the Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth.

In order to provide some new football stars and future champions with adequate conditions for training, a complete reconstruction of field number 3 within the complex is being carried out. This auxiliary field was in a very bad condition, the grass surface was almost destroyed, unusable in rainy conditions, which, along with the lack of proper lighting, often made training on this field for most of the year not only unsafe, but also impossible.

These problems will finally be overcome. The project documentation envisages the reconstruction of the existing field, which serves to maintain daily training processes. The reconstruction of the field includes the procurement and installation of artificial grass; creation of a drainage system under the surface of the field under artificial grass; drainage wells, support structure for the grass cover, lighting – installation of reflectors on poles of appropriate height; electrical installations and a protective fence around the field.

Until now, a complete drainage system has been built under the surface of the subject field, which, with a suitable recipient in the form of absorption wells, will solve the problem of damage to the surface of the field caused by precipitation and retention of storm water. A new grass base, made of artificial grass, was also purchased, which is expected to be installed in the coming period. The new surface meets international standards in the field of sports activities on open fields, as well as FIFA (World Football Association) quality programs, and is adapted to provide a lower risk of injury to field users.

Excavations are currently underway at the edges of the field in order to prepare for the installation of a protective fence, in the form of a woven net made of polypropylene rope, six meters high, which will completely surround this auxiliary field.

The project documentation also provides for the installation of new lighting, in the form of LED reflectors, which will ensure smooth work and training in the evening hours.

The total value of this investment is 45 million dinars, and the planned deadline for the completion of the works is November 2022.