After his team’s defeat against Proleter, Vojvodina’s assistant coach Dragan Šarac said that the players need to fight a lot more for the jersey of the Old Lady and show a much greater desire.

Vojvodina was defeated today against Proleter with a score of 0-1 (0-0), in a friendly match played in Veternik.

– The players need to fight much more for Vojvodina’s jersey and show a much greater desire. Certain players do not show what they need to show in friendly games and it has to be much better and more serious, as matches like this must not be lost. At friendly games, players are made and this is one big minus for the second team, although the referee made us little problems because he did not call for five or six obvious fouls – says Šarac.

In the starting line-up of Vojvodina, today the youngster Miljan Ivan played as a central back, and in the second half some of his teammates also got a chance to play for the first team.

– At each friendly match, we bring five or six new players from the youth team to the first team, in order to have a little better insight into their capabilities. I can not blame them, because they played as much as they could and in accordance with their quality. We will certainly continue to practice that young players get a chance – notes Šarac.

After three consecutive wins at the start of the season, Voša expects a difficult match in Surdulica on Sunday.

– In Surdulica we expect a very difficult game, because we all know that Radnik plays well. However, we will try to win at least a point and if we succeed in that, it will be good for us, because it is very important not to lose in Surdulica – said Šarac.

The match of fourth round of the Super League of Serbia between Radnik and Vojvodina is scheduled for Sunday, starting at 8 pm.