The players of Vojvodina FC are starting the play-off for the weekend, and now we have the complete schedule of the play-off games.

The old lady will play the second consecutive match against the team of TSC, but in Bačka Topola, and this game will open the competition in the play-off.

Voša will play four matches in front of their fans, and three matches away.

The teams that Voša will be welcoming at Karađorđe are the following: Red Star, Čukarički, NApredak, and in the last round, Mladost from Lučani.

Aside from the match against TSC in Topola, Voša will be playing against Partizan and Radnički 1923 at their stadiums.

The first match against TSC is scheduled for Saturday, April 20th at 3 pm.

The schedule of Voša’s games in the play-off:

1st round: TSC – Vojvodina

2nd round: Vojvodina – Red Star Belgrade

3rd round: Partizan – Vojvodina

4th round: Vojvodina – Čukarički

5th round: Vojvodina – Napredak

6th round: Radnički 1923 – Vojvodina

7th round: Vojvodina – Mladost