Vojvodina beat Radnički 1923 away with a score of 2-0 in the fourth round of the Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

The scorers for Vojvodina were Veljko Simić in the 62nd minute and Filip Malbašić in the 85th minute.

The teams performed in the following lineups:

Radnički 1923: Leković, Cvetinović, Ivanović, Jovanović (from 46th Maksimović), Krajišnik, Miličić, Mirić (from 72nd Ubiparip), Srnić (from 83rd Milisavljević), Stoiljković, Vlajković (from 72nd Tomić), Zorić.

Vojvodina: Carević – Bjeković, Traore, Jeličić, Đorđević – Topić, Milosavljević (from 88th Busnić) – Baraye (from 58th Zukić), Simić (from 88th Kabić), Nešković (from 75th Malbašić) – N. Nikolić (from 88th Vidakov).

The heavy rains that fell throughout the day in Kragujevac made the conditions on the field of the Čika Dača stadium much more difficult. The ball rolled hard on the grass, which reduced the possibility for teams to get serious opportunities and dangerous zones through the passing game. However, in the 10th minute, Voša had the first big chance, after a stolen ball 30 meters away, a quick pass to Simić followed. Simić connected Nikolić perfectly in front of the goal, but his shot from the box was stopped by goalkeeper Leković.

After that, there followed a period without distinct chances, with a big fight in the middle of the field. Vojvodina had possession of the ball, tried to build actions, and created the next good one in the 40th minute. After a new action on the left flank through Đorđević, the ball came to Nikolić who played a pass to Simić, who aimed for the second corner, but Leković intervened again. Yves Baraye ran into the rebound, but he failed to react better and hit the net.

All in all, Vojvodina completely dominated, even on a difficult pitch, because Radnički did not direct a single shot at Lazar Carević’s goal in the first half.

The home team played better at the start of the second half of the game and managed to shift the game closer to Vojvodina’s goal. Radnički had the first attempt in the continuation, in the 59th minute, Maksimović headed, but not strong enough for Carević.

In the 62nd minute, Voša took the lead. Topić found Đorđević with an excellent long pass from the middle of the field, and Đorđević sent a sharp ball to the second post, where Simić was in the right place for 0-1.

From that moment on, Vojvodina was focused on defending their goal, the away team set up well and kept their rivals away from the goal and the danger zone. Voša had a good chance to double the advantage when Zukić crossed from a free kick from the left side, Simić was left alone at the second post, but he hit the outside of the net with his head.

In the 85th minute, Vojvodina scored a second goal. Nikolić sent a deep pass, Zukić escaped Radnički’s defense on the left side, entered the penalty area and waited for the right moment to return the ball for Malbašić, who had no difficulty hitting the undefended net for 0-2.

Voša kept its advantage until the end and after four played games it has 10 points and is in second place in the table.