Vojvodina’s offensive player Veljko Simić thinks that coming to Karađorđe was a great decision.

Simić arrived this winter as a great reinforcement from the Red Star, and quickly fit into the team of Nenad Lalatović, whose style suits him perfectly.

– In every sense, I am very satisfied. Everyone accepted me very well and I feel like I’ve been here for a long time. Coming to Vojvodina was a complete success, we have a lot of quality players, and after Red Star, I wanted to come to a team that has the ambition to fight for trophies and always go for the win. As an offensive player, the attacking style forced by Nenad Lalatović suits me completely. There is a right atmosphere in the locker room, we are working hard and preparing for the most important thing in the continuation of the season – said Simić.

He agreed with his teammates that the defense of the trophy in the Serbian Cup, and remaining in the third position are the main goals until the end of the season.

– Everyone in the locker room agrees not to agree to anything other than to remain third and to do our best to defend the trophy in the Serbian Cup. We also believe that it is necessary to go step by step and that we can slip if we think that we are going to win the points in advance – Simić pointed out.

When asked which matches are the benchmark for the continuation of the season, Simić singled out those against Čukarički and Radnik.

– We played a lot of really good games, but the most important ones are when we came back and made up for the getting behind. I would single out the matches with Čukarički and Radnik, when we were losing, but we managed to come back, because that way we show that we have a strong character and that we never give up – concluded Veljko Simić.