A regular session of the Assembly of FK Vojvodina was held today in the ceremonial hall of FC Vujadin Boškov. In compliance with the measures prescribed by the City Headquarters for Emergency Situations of Novi Sad, the session was attended by a total of 37 members, who were represented by five proxies with a proper power of attorney.

At today’s session, the new sports director of FK Vojvodina, Milan Kosanović, personally presented his plan for the development of the club’s sports sector, which was unanimously adopted by the members of the highest club body.

Also, at today’s session, the initiative for marking the 55th anniversary of winning the first league title of FK Vojvodina was adopted. On that occasion, it was decided that the Organizing Committee for marking this jubilee will be formed soon, as well as that the marketing sector of FK Vojvodina will be in charge of all operational activities on this issue.