At the FC Vujadin Boškov in Veternik strict safeguards measures have been implemented, and they regard the strict rules of conduct during stay at the football center, since, in addition to the players and coaches who are relieved of their duties, employees of Youth Academy and club administration still come to work.

Based on the recommendations of doctor Vladimir Čolaković, during the state of emergency in Serbia, the following rules will apply at FC Vujadin Boškov:

– upon arrival at the football center, it is obligatory to put on a mask and wash your hands with lukewarm water;
– masks will be obtained upon entering FC Vujadin Boškov and their mandatory use will be only during the stay at the football center, and since their amount is not unlimited, any abuse will be strictly sanctioned;
– handshaking, hugging or any other physical contact during greeting is prohibited;
– regular airing of offices is mandatory;
– except in specific cases, communication shall be made exclusively by telephone or electronic way, in order to minimize the stay in someone else’s office;
– the entrance door to any facility at FC Vujadin Boškov will be constantly open;
– door handles will be disinfected every hour;
– employees who will come to work during the state of emergency will be only those whose presence is necessary for the functioning of the club in the current circumstances;
– to anyone who is not employed at FC Vujadin Boškov, entry to the football center is strictly forbidden, except in special situations and cases and with the prior permission of FK Vojvodina.

Vojvodina Football Club appeals to all citizens of our country to apply as many of these rules of behavior as possible in their home, as this is the only way they can be sure of their safety, as well as the safety of people in their immediate vicinity.