With the draw against Metalac in Gornji Milanovac, Vojvodina reduced, but did not lose its chances in the fight for the league title. With this point, the red and whites kept the second place on the table, and depending on the outcome of tonight’s match between Red Star and Inđija, it will be known how far behind they will enter the big derby that will be played at Karađorđe in two weeks.

Despite the fact that the games are played without spectators in the entire season, the Old Lady’s fans closely follow the games and results of their team, and as much as he can, so does the member of the first champion generation of red and whites, Silvester Takač, who lives with his family in France for years.

– I follow the results of Vojvodina over the Internet, and I also read comments on the games and everything else about the club. I am glad that the team continues to play in the same rhythm as last season, that is, without many oscillations. This is crucial for teams that want to become champions. Of course, winning the title will not be easy, because Red Star has an advantage, but the season is long and there is still a lot to play. It is difficult to win all the time, and the team that wins points even when it doesn’t play very well, at the end usually comes to the trophy – says Takač.

A month and a half ago, Vojvodina played against his former club Standard from Liège in the third round of qualifications for the Europa League, and in that match it was defeated in overtime.

– Unfortunately, I didn’t watch the match, but I know how it went. These are matches in which various circumstances and details can prevail on one side or the other. When there is no rematch, there is no right to make a mistake. In any case, it is not a shame to lose to Standard, although it is no longer a club as it once was. I hope that in the near future Vojvodina will meet with a French club, so that I have the opportunity to watch it live, because I haven’t been able to do that for a long time – says Takač.

While wearing Vojvodina jersey, he had the opportunity to cooperate with the legendary Branko Stanković, who, as the winner of the first league title and the Central European Cup, is still the only coach in the history of the club with two trophies won. However, the club’s history was recently written by Nenad Lalatović too, as the coach with the most victories on the bench of the Old Lady.

– I know that Nenad Lalatović broke the club record. Based on the experience I have, I think that the coach is one of the most important personalities in every club, although his role is sometimes neglected. He is the one who has direct communication with the players, sets the tactics and everything else. Top coaches have results in whatever club they work in, although there are also good ones who, nevertheless, never get a chance to lead a big club. I do not know Lalatović, but from Dušan Maravić, a former Red Star player with whom I am in contact, I heard a lot of praise on his account, as well as on the account of the management of FK Vojvodina – Takač pointed out.

The former legendary player of Vojvodina once again wished his club a lot of success in the continuation of the season and expressed hope that the red and whites will fight for the title until the end of the season.