The action under the slogan “You are our first love”, which was launched by the football club Vojvodina at the beginning of this school year with the aim of promoting sports and healthy sports values ​​among elementary school students in Novi Sad and the surrounding area, continued today with a visit to the elementary school Đorđe Natošević in the center of Novi Sad, and as previously announced, other clubs from the Vojvodina Sports Association started to join the action.

This time, the visit was organized by the Vojvodina volleyball club, which on Wednesday at 8 PM in the great hall of Spens will play the match of the second round of group A of the Champions League against Germany’s Friedrichshafen.

The football, women’s football and handball club Vojvodina also provided support to the Vojvodina volleyball players before the important match against Friedrichshafen.

After Slobodan Boškan and Voša’s volleyball players expressed their expectations for the match against Friedrichshafen and invited the audience to fill the large hall of Spens, in the second part of the conference, they answered the questions of the students, who were very curious and willing to use the opportunity to learn as much as possible from their idols, who answered them with pleasure and patience.

After the end of that part of the visit, everyone moved to the sports hall, where the socializing continued with the ball and playing volleyball, in which the students and Voša’s volleyball players, as well as football, handball and soccer players from Vojvodina participated. Of course, this opportunity was also used to give out tickets for the game to the children, as well as gifts in the form of Voša T-shirts and notebooks.

The Vojvodina football club also invites all its fans and sports lovers to come to the large hall of Spens on Wednesday at 8 PM, enjoy top volleyball and help the Vojvodina volleyball players in their efforts to win.

We are one – that is our strength!